Friday, September 10, 2021

Ford (I) to shut down operations with immediate effect

PUNE (NEW DELHI): Commenting on Ford India’s Announcement, FADA President Vinkesh Gulati said, "The Auto Retail fraternity is really shocked to hear another US Auto Major, Ford India's announcement where it has said that it will shut down production with immediate effect. 

"While trying to handle Dealer anxiety, Ford India President & MD, Anurag Mehrotra called me personally and assured that they will adequately compensate Dealers who continue to offer vehicle service to customers. Gulati added that though this is a good beginning, it is not enough as there are 170 Dealers who in-turn have 391 outlets and have invested Rs 2,000 Cr for setting up their dealerships. While Ford India employs 4,000 people, Dealerships employ around 40,000 people without displacing them from their home locations thus being continu
ously skilled and up-skilled all this while.

Ford India Dealers currently hold 1,000 vehicles which amount to Rs 150 Cr via inventory funding from reputed Indian Banks. They also carry Demo Vehicles which are 100's in numbers. Moreover, Ford India also appointed multiple dealers until 5 months back. Such Dealers will be at the biggest financial loss in their entire life!

FADA has been requesting Governing of India to roll out Franchisee Protection Act as due to its unavailability, Auto Dealers are not adequately compensated like their counter parts in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Australia, Sweden and many other countries, where this law exists. After General Motors, Man Trucks, Harley Davidson, UM Lohia and multiple fly by night Electric Vehicle Players, Ford India is the 5th biggest exit from Indian markets since 2017.

“Parliamentary Committee on Industry in its report number 303 which got released in December 2020 had recommended Ministry of Heavy Industries that the Government should enact the Franchise Protection Act for Automobile Dealers in the country, so that it is a win-win for both, the Auto Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as the Auto Dealers, but will also be beneficial to customers in the long run,” said Gulati.




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