Sunday, June 20, 2021

Students represent Mati Aakhara yoga


PUNE: On the eve of International Yoga Day ( 21st june) ADI students have demonstrated a session of Yoga - Mati Akhara at Central Park, Sky SongBird Society here. On 16th June. They performed a unique Mati Akhara, which was created by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva, Madhavadeva and later Gurus. The 500 years old Mati akharas are very much beneficial for Body flexibility.

In the present situation, Yoga has become a holistic approach to life. It has become more popular nowadays because people are realizing its importance and benefits in modern life as a stress reliever to body and mind. Even medical practitioners are also prescribing for regular practice of Yoga.

Dr. Devika Borthakur a renowned dancer, is putting continuous efforts to bring the beautiful aspect of Sattriya Culture to the people of Maharashtra. It is great to see Maharashtrian students are seriously following the healthy habits of Mati Akhara.

Audiences praised the performers for showcasing 500 years of tradition of Assam. Performers were Saanvi Phundkar, Bipanchi Borthakur,  Devashree Patil , Arundhati Konwar,  Amoli Dhamapurkar and Oshin Zade.


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