Monday, October 19, 2020

TCS to help companies attract, retain digital talent


PUNE (NEW YORK | MUMBAI): Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced the launch of TCS Workforce Analytics, an AI-based unified system of engagement, insights and foresight for employees, managers and CXOs, designed to enhance productivity and workforce experience.

The new solution is designed to help enterprise deal with the talent management challenges of the digital era. Digital transformation calls for new kinds of talent, with diverse skill sets and capabilities, which traditional recruitment methods are ill-suited to assess. The challenge is made worse by the large-scale shift to remote working and virtual interactions, requiring the adoption of new ways of keeping employees positively engaged, motivated and productive.

TCS Workforce Analytics uses machine learning, natural language processing and a patented cognitive engine developed by dot in Inc, a TCS Co-Innovation partner, to objectively evaluate skills, personality traits, strengths, cultural compatibility, workplace values, and the learning style of an individual.

These insights can then be used to match the right individual for the right role, and put together high-performing teams. Organizations can also use these for leadership development, career management, performance improvement, and safety and wellness interventions.

TCS' research-driven solution enhances productivity and workforce wellbeing, improves cultural fitment, and augments learning experiences. Further, the solution enables organizations to support diversity and inclusion, contextual engagement, and ensure compliance to HR policies. It also delivers a superior workforce experience, resulting in improved talent retention and enhanced employer brand value.

“The new ways of working in today’s world, are fundamentally transforming the talent management function. role fitment, talent development and engagement at scale can only be accomplished using data, analytics and cognitive technologies. We designed TCS Workforce Analytics to empower HR organizations with insights and foresight that will help them deliver superior business outcomes and enhanced workforce experiences,” said Dinanath Kholkar, Global Head, Analytics & Insights, TCS.

The TCS Workforce Analytics Solution is the latest addition to TCS’ portfolio of proprietary frameworks and solutions that reduce program implementation risks and significantly accelerate speed to value for customers transforming their data landscapes. Other solutions include DATOM™, a data and analytics maturity assessment, consulting, and advisory framework; DAEzMo™, a data and analytics estate modernization framework; and Decision Fabric™, a cognitive business engine that enables the automation of complex business processes and powers contextual industry offerings.

TCS offers a comprehensive portfolio of data and analytics services and solutions as well as intellectual property catering to every business stakeholder. It follows a holistic approach to data centricity that covers the entire data value chain to drive business effectiveness.  This includes simplifying the data and analytics landscape, bringing in synergy across the knowns and the unknowns in the business ecosystem, and enabling the deployment of solutions at scale.


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