Saturday, October 3, 2020

Suryadutta's Philosophy award to Dr. Saptarshi


PUNE: On the occasion of the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Kumar Saptarshi, renowned Gandhian philosopher was felicitated with the ‘Suryadutta Gandhian Philosophy 2020 award’ by ‘Suryadutta Global Peace Research Foundation,’ which founded by the Suryadatta Group of Institutes for keeping up the theory of Gandhiji alive. He was awarded this precious award from the hands of Dr. Samprasad Vinod, Yoga Acharaya.

Dr. Urmila Saptarshi, Dr. Sanjay Chordia, Founder & Chairman, Suryadutta Group of Institutes, Sachin Itkar, Member of Advisory Board, Suryadutta Group, Prof. Akshit Kushal, Executive Director, Suryadutta Group of Institutes, Prof. Sunil Dhadiwal, Executive Director, Suryadutta Group of Institutes, Prof. Renuka Ghospurkar, HOD, Suyadutta Institute of Fashion Technology, Siddhant Chordia from Suryadutta Group of institutes and Seema Dabake, Social Worker were among the others that were present on this occasion.

On accepting the award, Dr. Kumar Saptarshi said, “Gandhism is a very main a prospect which can take our country higher in terms of development and this the theory is also very crucial for the youth of our country but we should find a solution to make them believe and see the beauty of this theory”.

On this Dr. Sanjay Chordia added, “We have always respected the theory of Gandhism and Dr. Kumar Saptarshi’s work; therefore, we also encourage and teach our students of this theory in our institution. Also on this great day, we are announcing the establishment of the ‘Suryadutta Global Peace Research Foundation’ and we hope to reach out to the people telling them about this theory.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod also expressed his views by praising Dr. Kumar Saptarshi’s efforts. Member of Advisory Board, Suryadutta Group of Institute ended the event by giving the vote of thanks.


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