Friday, September 11, 2020

IMA protests over Govt’s treatment rates


PUNE: The treatment rates at Covid Hospitals were fixed up unilaterally without discussing it with the doctors or the hospital bodies, whether they are affordable or not. Because of these unaffordable rates the time has come that many private hospitals in the state are on the verge of closure on account of economical grounds, Indian Medical Association mentions it in a press release.

Dr. Aarti Nimkar, President, IMA Pune, further stated that on one side the unaffordable rates have been forced on the doctors and on the other side Doctors are being prosecuted by the sending auditors if there is any minor mistake in the bills prepared with the unaffordable rates. At the same time, ministers and leaders have continuously been proclaiming that the Doctors are robbing patients.

As per the instructions in this circular dated 31/8/2020 (No. corona / 2020 / CR97 / arogya 5) issued by the Department of Public Health, Government of Maharashtra, it is impractical and impossible to run hospitals and treat patients. In an emergency State Council meeting of IMA Maharashtra State held on September 4, 2020, a resolution was unanimously approved to reject this circular completely. And we condemn the undemocratic behaviour of the Govt.

We feel that this is an encroachment on our right to fix hospital rates. To force the doctors and ask them to adjust as per the government's unilateral and autocratic orders is totally unfair. The reason for the failure of the Corona pandemic in Maharashtra state lies in the short-sighted, unscientific, inhumane and repressive practices of the administrators, who are fully responsible for controlling the epidemic in this fashion, by tyrannizing the doctors instead of consulting a them. All the citizens know that the contribution of all the private hospitals in controlling the corona outbreak in Maharashtra is invaluable.

Dr. Sanjay Patil, Chairman, Action Committee, IMA Pune, said, “But we are fighting against the government's wrong decisions and its mudslinging behaviour. Till date the Govt. of Maharashtra has consistently ignored reasonable demands made by IMA from time to time. On account of many of such problems we have decided to do a series of protest activities

He added that the leaders of all political parties & PMC authorities we have handover detailed statements regarding oppressive treatment, abusive statements against the doctors and off course about the unaffordable & unjust hospital rates. IMA leaders will appeal them to extend their support for the justifiable demands of the doctors.

Ten minute silent tribute in the memory of the fellow martyr doctors, who died while doing their duties in treating Covid patients will be given by all the Doctors by gathering in front of their own clinics or hospitals or at Nitu Mandke IMA House, Tilak road 5.0 pm on 11 st of Sept.


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