Saturday, July 11, 2020

IDMS gives new hope for Hospitality Industry


PUNE: Amid the Covid crisis here is the news for the Hospitality Industry which will bring smile on their faces. Patented Technology of USA enters India under the Banner of IDMS. The launch was witnessed with the renowned names of Hospitality & Technology creating the new normal benchmark for safety of customers of Hospitality Industry at the National Secretariat of Hospitality Industry of India here in Pune.

“It was one of the first technology driven anti microbial coating services which marks our company into the sector India has never seen earlier which is Technology and Science Based Facility Management Division which is poised to take Facility Management to the next level and is the utmost needy part of our new normal life,” says IDMS Chairman Manoj Tayde.

Framed at lower priced model on the square feet basis the application of product once applied on the surfaces of Hotel premises including Tables, Chairs, Desks, Front Office Areas, Rooms, Kitchen Premises, dining areas, Special Zones the product gives safety to customers from all types of virus protection for 90 days claims the organization.   

“The live demonstration given by IDMS management to the witnesses with swab tests of before and after of the surfaces also gives confidence in Product and its activation. The molecular bond is formed on the surface and it instantly kills the germs giving utmost safety to customers,” adds Manoj Tayde.  

“This brings safety and happiness that greater technology has arrived which will ease the burden of Hoteliers in terms of safety of customers which is at the highest priority for any Hotel owner, this will give confidence to customers to enjoy Hotel facilities with highest security, it will also boost customer satisfaction and safety,” said Sanee Awsarmmel Chair Person – NUHII & HII.
The Office has base in Maharashtra including Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and is expanding in all corners of India. The team also has Karshan Dubariya as Director of the above Company and Utkarsh Khondalay as (Director Marketing), Kapil Masirkar CEO, Mangesh Shahapurkar (Director), Kiran Kulkarni (IIT Bombay) Channel Partner.

The product is also effective on cars and two-wheelers.


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