Thursday, April 23, 2020

LPF distributes 650 packages to needy people


PUNE: Lila Poonawalla Foundation has practiced for last 25 years, the fundamentals that we must do what we can for those people who are less fortunate than us. Practising this belief, they have till date supported close to 10,000 girls to complete their education and become economically independent.
Under COVID 19 initiative. Lila Poonawalla Foundation distributes 650 food packages to the needy people of the society. A large number of School children supported by LPF live in borderline incomes. Their parents are daily wage earners. They have lost their daily wages. This led LPF to think differently. Can something be done for such families? And thus, started a new project “COVID 19 Help to the needy.” 

Under this project over one month’s provisions are distributed in packages so that they get two square decent meals. The fight against COVID 19 cannot be achieved without nutritious food.

The journey started with Lila and Firoz Poonawalla pooling in the start-up funds and soon followed donations from friends, families, well-wishers, LPF Trustees, Office Team and Alums.  Collection of money was just one aspect of the project but reaching the packages to the deserving recipients was a unique and a difficult task to fulfil. Firoz Poonawalla along with two volunteers from the office namely Yogita Chaudhari, and driver Babasaheb had to go to the wholesale provision store, get the packages ready and collect them, weighing more than 16 kgs each and deliver them in different parts of the city.

This was a challenging job as they were risking their life in doing this extraordinary charitable work. All this would not have been possible without the magnificent support given by the Commissioner, DCP and ACP of Police. The entire police involvement was unique. They sent their Van in which up to 100 packages could be fitted and this cavalcade of police van, their Jeep and Office Car would reach the different distributing sites, crossing all barricades, because of the police support. Our hats off to the Police of Pune.


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