Monday, April 6, 2020

Goa firm claims COVID-19 test results in an hour


PUNE: Goa based Molbio Diagnostics has become the second Indian firm to receive the approval for its novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection testing kit. The company's indigenously developed platform has the potential to perform molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases at the point-of-care through its Truelab Real Time Quantitative micro PCR System.

The company claims to get the test results ready in an hour at a cost of less than Rs 1,350 per test. Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions was the first Indian company to receive regulatory approval to market its COVID-19 diagnostic kits in the country.

Unlike other approved COVID-19 test kits, MolBio's diagnostic solution works on a platform that is already installed at some hospitals and health centres in a district for diagnosing Tuberculosis and Rifampicin resistance. "The ability to screen for COVID-19 is an additional feature added to the Truelab Real Time Quantitative micro PCR System developed by Molbio Diagnostics," the company statement said.

"The need of the hour is to augment access to molecular diagnostics in a fast-track mode with required financial support which will help in better preparedness to tackle in controlling pandemics like COVID-19 and outbreaks in future," Chandrashekhar Nair, Chief Technical Officer at Molbio said.


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