Sunday, April 12, 2020

BU Bhandari sanitizes 300 Pune Police vehicles


PUNE: In the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Pune city police officials have been grappling 24x7 to enforce the lockdown and get the situation under control. One of these efforts is the 300 vehicles, the Pune Police officials are using to monitor and enforce law and order in the city. The police personnel bravely go out of their homes everyday with the fear of getting the virus back home, to their loved ones. 

With intent to ensure the safety of our security forces, Pune's B. U. Bhandari group has undertaken the task of sanitization of the 300 police vehicles patrolling the city day and night.

As a part of this activity, the A/C vents, upholstery, fabric parts and other interiors of the cars are to be sanitized so that Police personnel can protect the city with lesser things to worry about. "Someone has to provide safety and security to our Police as they bravely protect our city" said Chandravadan Bhandari from B. U. Bhandari group.

Present during this drive was Pune Police Commissioner Dr K Venkatesham who monitored the cleaning of one of the vehicles taking note of the chemicals being used to clean the vehicles while understanding their effects and benefits.

He was flagged by Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police A Morale, ACP Milind Patil, Inspector Dhaygude and P S Bawaskar. They inquisitively asked questions regarding the entire process to the representatives of B. U. Bhandari group represented by Chandravadan Bhandari, Shailesh Bhandari, Deven Bhandari, Rahul Bal and Subhash Chuttar who had come forward in this time of need for the Pune Police.

We are happy to see the initiative by one one of Pune's oldest business groups who come forward to help the city in times of emergencies, said Morale, DCP (Traffic).


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