Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Women climbers scales Tail Baila rock walls


PUNE: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Giripremi’s team of women climbers successfully climbed Tail Baila rock walls. A team of seven rock climbers under the leadership of Priyanka Chinchorkar climbed the three routes on Tail Baila over the weekend. Along with Chinchorkar, Deepali Patil, Ketaki Pathak, Sayali Budhkar, Sneha Gude, Aishwarya Ghare and Smita Karivadekar participated in the climb.

Tail Baila is located in Lonvala region. It is a popular twin rock walls and considered as technically difficult rock climbing walls in the country. There are four routes, out of which three routes including Left Inner Route, Right Inner Route and Right Outer Routes were climbed by Giripremi team. All the three routes are approximately 250 to 350 feet vertically.

The right outer route is the most challenging as it consist hanging walls well over 90 degrees. Giripremi’s rock climbers shown exemplary skill of rock climbing to negotiate the challenges. Tail Baila Rock Climbing Expedition was organized to support Mt. Annapurna-I Expedition 2020. Annapurna-I is the most technically challenging peak in the world. Like Mt. Annapurna, Tail Baila too has the technically challenging rock climbing routes. To support and tribute Mt. Annapurna-I expedition, Giripremi’s women climbers climbed Tail Baila on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Samiran Kolhe, experienced rock climber, supported the expedition from the base.

Giripremi has a legacy of developing ace rock climbers and mountaineers. The new and dynamic team of women climbers adds the feather in the cap. The women team is mentored and guided by Ushaprabha Page, founder- President Giripremi and Umesh Zirpe, leader of Giripremi’s 8000er expeditions.


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