Monday, 10 February 2020

Savdhaan India FIR series to reveal ‘police’ angle


PUNE: Inspired from real life incidents, credible research, extensive reach and immense popularity, Star Bharat’s flagship show Savdhaan India has created a lasting impression in both the minds and hearts of their audience. Over the years, the show has depicted innumerable stories that have forewarned viewers about the possible danger and criminal activities prevailing in today’s times. The focus of the new season, Savdhaan India F.I.R, is on contemporary and relevant crime across the nation from the perspective of police / policemen.

While the show has garnered unmatchable viewership over the years, the important factors that keep the viewers engaged in the show have been transfixing storytelling, moments of suspense and the effort to seek justice for the victims.

The special series revolves around four Police Inspectors from across the nation - Mumbai Inspector Prajakta Bhonsle (played by Manasi Kulkarni), Delhi Inspector Gurmeet Singh Randhawa (played by Ankur Nayyar), UP Inspector Kranti Mishra (played by Karan Sharma) and MP Inspector Avinash Raj Singh (played by Vikas Shrivastav).

This new series showcases riveting stories from the perspective of police, which not only evokes a sense of pride among the audiences but also celebrates the true essence of the work that goes behind in solving crimes. The stories will now revolve around an investigative approach. The Maharashtra police story will primarily revolve around a female police officer – Prajakta Bhonsle who uses her feminist instincts to solve crime.

From kidnappings to murders, the series covers a range of cases that the police tackle routinely. But the new season will keep the audience at the edge of their seat. The show will acquaint its viewers with the stressful world of police and their thorough investigative techniques to solve cases & put an end to crime. 


  1. Miss Mansi kulkarni has veri effective performance .She looks like a police inspector.congratulation to her.

  2. She lived in that role.congratulations to her performance.

  3. My favourite lady inspector priya prajakta bhoslay,keep it up.from a lady of 65 years old.god bless to u.