Sunday, 23 February 2020

Rotary to organise Organ Donation awareness


PUNE: Rotary District 3131 is undertaking a massive Organ Donation awareness program Gift Life. Various organizations including Sahyadri Hospitals will be supporting this cause. The initiative will be conducted online on 9th August 2018 from 11 am to 7 pm wherein one has to pledge for his or her organs by logging on to 

This information was given by at a Press Conference by Rtn Shailesh Palekar District Governor Rotary District 3131, Amruta Degaonkar Convenor, Gift  Life Initiative, Manju Phadke Secretary Rotary District 3131 and Dr Ketan Apte, Unit Head Sahyadri Hospitals. 

People can also register at 40 centers including Companies, Colleges and Hospitals on that day. Speaking on the occasion Rtn Shailesh Palekar informed that Rotary District 3131 has always been undertaking various projects of social relevance and on a bigger scale to positively impact the society and reach out to maximum number of people. Through Gift Life initiative we are urging people to be a part of the noble act of pledging their organs. 

Amruta Degaonkar said that we would also attempt for a Guiness Record of maximum online organ donation pledges in 8 hours and everybody who pledges will be a part of it. The main aim is to create awareness about Organ Donation and to bridge the gap between number of Organ donors and needy patients.

Annual prize distribution held at PAI Academy


PUNE: Annual Prize distribution  ceremony was held at PAI Academy of Spoken English on 17th February 2020 in Dr.A.R.Shaikh Assembly Hall Azam Campus, Camp.

Function was Presided by Dr. P. A. Inamdar, President of M.C.E Society Pune ,Chief guest was Abeda Inamdar, Vice- President of M.C.E Society Pune and Guest of honour was Dr. Latif Magdum Secretary of M.C.E Society Pune, Rabab M Khan Director of PAI Academy of Spoken English, Aqsa Zaidi, Tasmiya Shaikh were present.

The PAI Academy of Spoken English was started in the year 2009 and has trained 72,120 students till date. In the current year, the PAI Academy of Spoken English is successfully functioning in 27 Pune Municipal Corporation schools, 3 inside schools, 4 schools of Azam Campus & 4 Junior colleges with 7026 students trained in the year 2019 -20.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

India’s potential in Passive Investing


PUNE: Globally, passive investing—which aims to replicate index returns--has been embraced for being a low-cost, transparent, and objective investing tool for investors. And for good reason—the SPIVA (S&P Indices Versus Active funds) Scorecard shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to outperform the market on a consistent basis globally, including in India.

The latest SPIVA India Scorecard has also showed that 77% of large-cap equity funds underperformed their respective benchmark indices during the previous calendar year. It is essential to understand that the equity market is a zero sum game; one can earn alpha if another investor earns negative alpha. Additionally, trying to earn alpha through active means can sometimes cost more than the comparable passive investment. In India, recent regulatory changes by SEBI, such as mutual fund categorization and performance comparison using total return indices, are expected to create the job of the active fund manager even tougher.

Assets under management (AUM) for India’s exchange traded funds (ETFs) have seen exponential growth over the last five years. From December 2014 to December 2019, total AUM grew from a mere US$ 2 bn to US$ 14 bn.

The key driver of the substantial growth in equity ETF AUM has been government initiatives, one of which is the disinvestment by Government of India via ETFs. Also, in 2015, EPFO’s (Employee Provident Fund Organization) decision to start investing in ETFs that track leading indices, such as S&P BSE SENSEX, was another key driver of the substantial growth in ETF assets. Through a recent amendment made by the Central Board of Trustees, EPFO is now allowed to invest 50% of its funds in the S&P BSE SENSEX.

Recently in January 2019, SEBI also introduced portfolio concentration norms for equity traded funds and index funds aimed at addressing the risk related to portfolio concentration in such products.
New themes such as factor investing and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) are also gaining greater traction globally as well as in India. 

A factor can be thought of as an element that helps to explain the source of risk/return characteristics of a portfolio. The broadly recognized factors are size, dividend, volatility, momentum, quality, and value. S&P BSE Enhanced Value, S&P BSE Dividend Yield, S&P BSE Low Volatility, S&P BSE Momentum, S&P BSE Quality are indices that are designed to measure the performance of their corresponding factors. Similarly as risk of climate change, social unrest, and poor governance increases, environment, social, and governance aspects are being methodologically analyzed and factored into the investment analysis. 

The S&P BSE 100 ESG index is a good example of an ESG index that measures performance of companies that score relatively higher on these types of parameters. Still newer investment themes are starting to take shape. For instance, rapid developments in robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, together with extreme connectedness and the availability of exponential processing power, have laid the foundation for seismic changes across all facets of our lives. As we enter what is being referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the S&P Kensho New Economy Indices: 21st Century Sectors dynamically capture the companies that are propelling the revolution.
The Kensho New Economy indices are constructed using an entirely systematic, rules-based methodology. Leveraging Kensho’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) platform, millions of pages of regulatory filings and other public information are analyzed to identify the companies involved in each of the New Economies. Some of these indices include the S&P Kensho New Economies Composite Index, S&P Kensho Clean Power Index, S&P Kensho Space Index, Drone Index, and the S&P Kensho Electric Vehicles index.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Silk Mark Expo 2020 begin in Pune


PUNE: Silk Mark Organisation of India, Central Silk Board is organising National level Special Handloom Expo - Silk Mark Expo 2020 at Harshal Hall, 153, Kasat Chemical Compound, Opposite McDonalds, Kothrud Industrial Area, Kothrud, Pune for the benefit of the consumers in Pune.

The expo is being organized from 16th February to 29th February 2020. The expo was inaugurated by Chief Guest Bhagyashree Banayat, IAS, Director, Directorate of Sericulture, Govt. of Maharashtra in presence of Dr. Muktaja Vikas Mathkari, Principal, SNDT College of Home Science, Pune, Alok Kumar, Assistant Director (Inspection), Silk Mark Organisation of India,Central Silk Board, Bangalore, P J Kolarkar, Assistant Director (Inspection) and Ganeshkumar M., Inspector (Silk), Silk Mark Organisation of India, Central Silk Board, Mumbai.

Silk Mark Organisation of India, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India is making all efforts to create awareness about the importance of Pure Silk among the Silk Loving consumers through Silk Mark Expos. This provides a wide platform for small Handloom Weavers / Women Entrepreneurs / Traders / Handloom Societies besides creating a Brand Image for Indian Silks. This Expo is sponsored by Development Commissioner (Handlooms) especially for market promotion of Handloom Silk products with Silk Mark and Handloom Mark. The main objective is to provide 100 % Pure Silk Handloom Products to the consumers of Pune with quality assurance of Silk Mark and Handloom Mark in addition to promoting all types of Silks produced in different Handloom Weaving Clusters of India.

The Exhibitors hail from far flung handloom weaving centers of India. Only Authorized Users of Silk Mark & Handloom Mark are allowed to participate in the Expo. Products are tagged with Silk Mark label to ensure purity of Silk & Handloom Mark Label to ensure the origin of the products. It is a golden opportunity for the consumers to see wide range of silk products under one roof. The exhibition also includes display of Live Silk Worm rearing and free Silk Testing Facilities for the benefit of Silk consumers.

While celebrating important functions and festivals Indian Women prefer to wear Soft and Royal Silk – the Queen of Textiles. As consumers, while buying Pure Silks, it is our prime responsibility and right to get the right material. However, many of the consumers get cheated from unscrupulous traders / Expo’s selling Art Silk or look-a-like products which are produced from cheaper material like Viscose Rayon, Polyester and Nylon etc. This menace is continuing unabated across the length and breadth of the country. In order to control this menace of unethical trade practices, the Silk Mark Organisation of India, under the initiative of the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India has introduced the Silk Mark scheme.  Silk Mark helps the consumers to easily identify genuine pure natural silk products and go for a hassle-free shopping. Silk Mark is a quality assurance label which signifies that the product to which it is affixed is made of pure Silk.

Chief Guest Bhagyashree Banayat, IAS, Director, Directorate of Sericulture, Govt. of Maharashtra said that there is a need of awareness on Silk and for that more such exhibitions should be conducted.

Friday, 14 February 2020

डॉ. धारिया यांच्या जयंतीनिमित्त स्मृती विशेषांकाचे प्रकाशन

पुणे: ‘पद्मविभूषण डॉ. मोहन धारिया यांच्या ९५ व्या जयंतीचे औचित्य साधून त्यांच्या उत्तुंग व्यक्तिमत्त्वाला आणि राष्ट्राप्रतीच्या त्यांच्या बहुमोल योगदानाला समर्पित ‘वनराई’विशेषांकाचे प्रकाशन त्यांच्या जयंती निमित्त करण्यात आले.  या अंकाचे प्रकाशन यावेळी  अनिल गुंजाळ उपायुक्त (परीक्षा परिषद), महाराष्ट् शासन, माजी आमदार उल्हासदादा पवार, डॉ. चंद्रकांत पांडव, अशोक गोडसे (अध्यक्ष श्रीमंत दगडूशेठ हलवाई मंडळ), वनराईचे अध्यक्ष रविंद्र धारिया, रोहिदास मोरे यांच्या हस्ते झाले.

खासदार श्रीनिवास पाटील, ज्येष्ठ पत्रकार व राज्यसभेचे खासदार कुमार केतकर, ‘युवक बिरादरीचे संस्थापक व पद्मश्री पुरस्कारप्राप्त क्रांती शाह, ‘इन्स्टिट्यूट ऑफ मेनेजमेंट एज्युकेशन’चे संचालक डॉ. प्र. चिं. शेजवलकर, ज्येष्ठ पत्रकार मधुकर भावे, जेष्ठ पत्रकार अरुण खोरे आणि संत साहित्याचे गाढे अभ्यासक डॉ. अशोक कामत यांनी ‘पद्मविभूषण डॉ. मोहन धारिया स्मृती विशेषांका’तून अण्णांच्या आठवणींना उजाळा दिलेला आहे.

आण्णांच्या जयंतीच्या निमित्ताने ‘वनराई पर्यावरण वाहिनी’च्या माध्यमातून निबंध स्पर्धा घेण्यात आली. यामध्ये दोन हजार विद्यार्थ्यां

कार्यक्रमाचे प्रास्ताविक वनराईचे विश्वस्त रोहिदास मोरे, सुत्रसंचालन वनराई पर्यावरण वाहिनी प्रकल्प संचालक भारत साबळे यांनी केले तर आभार अमित वाडेकर यांनी मानले. यावेळी वनराईचे प्रभारी सचिव चंद्रकांत इंगुळकर, प्रमुख प्रकल्प संचालक श्री. जयवंत देशमुख, वृशाली नामपूरकर आणि वनराईचे विविध पदाधिकारी आणि कार्यकर्ते उपस्थित होते.

वनराईच्या पर्यावरण वाहिनीच्या पुरस्काराचे वितरण

शालेय विद्यार्थ्यांवर पर्यावरणाचे संस्कार व्हावेत यासाठी वनराई पर्यावरण वाहिनीच्या माध्यमातून विद्यार्थी आणि शिक्षक यांच्या कलागुणांना, विचारांना, नवीन उपक्रमांना वाव देण्यासाठी वर्षभरात विविध उपक्रमांचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. यामध्ये निबंध, चित्रकला, सांस्कृतिक, गुरुबाग, टाकाऊपासून टिकाऊ, प्लास्टिक कचरा मुक्त अभियान अशा विविध स्पर्धा घेण्यात आल्या. अण्णांच्या जयंतीदिनाचे औचित्य साधून या स्पर्धांच्या बक्षीस वितरण समारंभाचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. निबंध व चित्रकला स्पर्धेतील १२० विद्यार्थ्यांना बक्षिसे दिली गेली. विद्यार्थ्यांवर पर्यावरणीय संस्कार करणाऱ्या १० शिक्षकांना ‘वसुंधरा रक्षक पुरस्कार’ देऊन गौरविण्यात आले. तसेच पर्यावरण क्षेत्रात शाळेत व शाळेबाहेरही उत्कृष्ट काम करणाऱ्या ५ शाळांना ‘उत्कृष्ट पर्यावरणप्रेमी शाळा’ म्हणून गौरविण्यात आले.

नी सहभाग घेतला होता. तर चित्रकला स्पर्धेत ४७०० विद्यार्थ्यांनी भाग घेतला होता. ‘गुरुबाग’ स्पर्धा म्हणजे मातीविना शेती स्पर्धेत २० शाळांनी भाग घेतला होता. या सर्व स्पर्धांमधून पर्यावरण पूरक पिढी घडविण्याचे आण्णांचे स्वप्न साकार करत असल्याची भावना वनराईचे अध्यक्ष रविंद्र धारिया यांनी व्यक्त केली.
यामध्ये प्रथम क्रमांक मॉडर्न हायस्कूल गणेशखिंड,पुणे., द्वितीय क्रमांक - भेकराई माता माध्यमिक विद्यालय, भेकराई नगर, पुणे., तृतिय क्रमांक -  समाजभूषण बाबुराव फुले विद्यालय,पर्वती., चतुर्थ क्रमांक - विद्या प्रतिष्ठान नांदेड सिटी पब्लिक स्कूल,पुणे, क्रमांक पाच - विद्यापीठ हायस्कूल, गणेशखिंड,पुणे,  होत्या. याबरोबर उस्मानाबद येथील १५ शाळांनी देखील या स्पर्धेमध्ये सहभाग घेतला होता. बक्षीसपात्र विद्यार्थी व शाळांना वनराई करंडक, प्रमाणपत्र आणि रोख पारितोषिक देऊन गौरविण्यात आले. हा बक्षीस वितरण समारंभ राष्ट्र सेवा दल कार्यालय, सिंहगड रोड येथील निळू फुले सभागृहामध्ये झाला.

Truefitt and Hill opens its door in JW Marriott


PUNE: Having groomed the Monarchs of Great Britain for 214 years through nine consecutive reigns, Truefitt & Hill (T&H) continues the legacy by bringing their sophistication to the cultural capital and very well known as ‘oxford of the east’, city Pune.
Brought to India by the Lloyds Luxuries Ltd., which has acquired the Master Franchise License for not just India but also Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar and Vietnam, the venture looks promising.

Truefitt and Hill (T&H) has been globally renowned and indeed one of the pioneer brands offering premium grooming services for men. They have successfully carved a unique niche for themselves across the globe with their consistent and ultra-luxury services. T&H are happy to announce that they are expanding their horizon in India with its new branch in JW Marriott, Pune - home to some of the most elite families in the city. Actor Ashmit Patel was the Guest of Honour at the launch.

In modern times, grooming has evolved into one of the most essential and personal practices. Grooming is no longer just about getting oneself beautified but also investing in some rejuvenating time. T&H's phenomenal growth graph in India truly reflects its popularity and quality services.
Keeping the tradition forward, the ambiance of JW Marriott outlet is royal, and of the highest standards. The classy interiors, done up with mahogany wood and chic blue wallpaper, provides a relaxing environment to the brand’s discerning patrons.  The salon is spread in an area of around 1000 sqft (5 barber chairs, 1 manicure pedicure chair). It offers services for men only, which includes Royal or Classic Shave, Haircuts, Manicure, Pedicure, Head massage, hand and foot massage, facial, hair grooming, hair coloring and many more.

On speaking at the launch of their 24th store, Krishna Gupta, Founder and MD of Lloyds Luxuries shares, “As we are evolving rapidly in this grooming and wellness sector the surge in beauty blogs and social media influencers has inculcated the importance of Grooming as a daily necessity, and we at Truefitt & Hill provide men with the most luxurious atmosphere and highly skilled barbers and staff to turn this grooming exercise into a luxurious experience. We are the only brand in this segment and have created a strong brand image which is synonymous with quality, trust and high grooming standards. We currently have 23 open and operating stores across 9+ cities in India and 1 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Truefitt and Hill also brings to India some of the finest men's grooming products, which are all made in England and spreads over 150 products. We currently sell about 20,000 units through our stores and website annually and see that growing at over 25% YoY. 

"As we are moving ahead along with the time, men do not consider investing in beauty and grooming as a taboo any longer. Men are becoming more aware of self-grooming, body image and hygiene. The aspirations and requirements of today’s young Indian men are rapidly evolving. With a surge in disposable income, men are becoming more discerning and indulgent. In an evolving trend in India, men are beginning to look at innovative grooming services carved specifically for them. What's better than Truefitt & Hill, who's committed to serve the modern men with unparalleled level of luxury service in the world! Also, we decided to begin our journey with Truefitt and Hill from Pune as it is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities where we have seen emerging customers who understand the importance of grooming and wellness in their life,” highlights Siddharth Shah, Franchise owner for the T&H Marriott Pune.