Thursday, January 23, 2020

GIIS introduces Smart Sports Technology SPEDAS


PUNE: Global Indian International School, headquartered in Singapore, today launched the first-of-its-kind sports performance enhancing technology – SPEDAS in India at its SMART Campus in Balewadi, Pune.

Football legend and Indian captain Sunil Chhetri launched the Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System (SPEDAS) – a concept which was first introduced in its SMART Campus in Singapore in 2018. The International School aims at introducing SPEDAS across all its Smart Campuses in India – starting with Balewadi and Hadapsar campuses in Pune.

Present on the occasion to launch the SPEDAS technology in India, Captain of Indian Football team, Sunil Chhetri said, “Football is a rapidly growing sport in India. In line with the Khelo India programme, this is the perfect time for Global Indian International School (GIIS Pune Hadapsar and Balewadi campuses) to bring in this cutting-edge football data analytics across its schools in India. This will go on to create and nurture the next generation football players from schools. It is the first school in India and South East Asia to introduce such a high-end technology, which I believe would help in fulfilling the aspirations of thousands of football players who can immensely benefit from this SMART football technology. I would urge all students who aspire to take up the sport professionally, to make the most of this facility.”

Commenting on the launch of SPEDAS, 

Arjun Temurnikar, Associate Director (Technology), Global Schools Foundation said: “SPEDAS is part of our School of the Future initiative which allows students to develop 21st century skills. It is a technology which brings football data analytics to the coaches and students to help enhance player performances and better team coordination.”

“SPEDAS uses advanced sensors, which are placed on the field, on the players and in the football itself, which maps the movement of each component in the field in real time. The player’s moves and techniques are recorded statistically and can later be analysed by the coach to help improve their performance in subsequent games.”

“This advanced system tracks each player with very high accuracy and we can see the player move on field in relation to the ball and the other teams in real time. Providing crucial data to improve on-field game has been brought into schools for the first time by GIIS in the age group of 3-18 year old students. Our aim is to offer the best developmental tool and opportunities to transform development of football in India and build future national and international players.”

Such a technique will not only help improve the game for the players, it will give them a solid platform to understand the game better and excel at the sport right from school level. This first-of-its-kind initiative is also used by GIIS in other sports like basketball in its SMART Campus at Singapore.

Not only do the SMART Campuses leverage proprietary data analytics software to improve learning and teaching across the school, they will also provide Sports scholarship to deserving students.  Using its global network of schools to its advantage, GIIS encourages the use of its smart sports technology through its student exchange programmes for students across the globe and grant scholarships in sports to deserving students.

Speaking on the occasion, GIIS Deputy Chief Operating Officer Rajeev Katyal said: “GIIS believes in giving each deserving student a chance at excelling in the field of their choice. We are offering over 200 GIIS Global Sports Scholarship, to give deserving soccer players to be part of GIIS and benefit from the SPEDAS SMART Football program.”


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