Sunday, December 1, 2019

My Earth Foundation’s Fashion show makes a mark

PUNE: This was a fashion show based on the concept of garbage. A dress made from small plastic bags of food, water bottles, electronic vest (damaged keyboard, mouse, CD / DVD, etc.), a dress made from sanitary pads, other wastes, and the ramp was walked. Miss and Mrs. My Earth was organized on the basis of the environmental awareness fashion show.

A unique fashion show was organized to spread a word about importance of mother earth. My Earth Foundation organized a fashion show on this environmental awareness. Show co-sponsor is Vanarai and Deepali Bhosle Syed Foundation, a forestry organization. This fashion show was organized in collaboration with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Pune Municipal Corporation.

The chief guest of the program was Raveendrian, Member Secretary of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Dnyaneshwar Molak, Deputy Commissioner of Solid Waste Management, Pune Municipal Corporation, My Earth Foundation, Nitin Deshpande, Environment Club, Ravindra Dharia, Vanarai President and actress Dipali Khushwad. Yogita Gosavi, Big Boss Fame Abhijit Bichukale, Lalit Rathi, Amit Wadekar, Yashodhan Bhide were present on the occasion.
Anant Gharat said that the meaning of the waste, the classification of the waste, its hazardous nature, proper planning, will not go out of the house. The fashion show was organized to raise awareness about the globalization of waste, recycling of any waste, the importance of waste, and to raise awareness that waste will not fall on the road if it receives industrial importance.


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