Saturday, December 21, 2019

Go Gas LPG receiving overwhelming response


PUNE: Confidence Petroleum India Limited (CPIL), a BSE & NSE listed company, since its inception, Go gas has been in the fore front catering to the nations need contributing at large towards a green revolution. CPIL is a leading private LPG bottler and marketer of LPG.  The company is selling LPG in packed cylinders under the brand name GoGas and GoGas Elite, which is receiving overwhelming response and is a reputed national brand. 

Go Gas Elite - composite gas cylinders in Indian market as a revolutionary step which is bound to transform Indian kitchens in the years to come. The LPG demand reported a record growth in 2018-19. The phenomenal consumption growth has also been largely supported by various Government schemes.

Firstly the elite composite gas cylinders are extremely light in weight. They can be easily picked up even by women and children. Secondly the elite cylinders have transparent body due to which the amount of gas inside the cylinders can be seen at all times. This ensures that right quantity of gas is supplied and the amount of gas available in the cylinder at all times can be easily checked. Hence, there is no more worry of less gas being supplied or even of gas theft. Third speciality is that the elite cylinders are Blast proof. So there is no danger of loss of life and property thus making them extremely safe to use.

Furthermore handling a 30 kg cylinder is difficult for any man or a woman. As per medical science it is not advisable to pick more than 23 kg weight, as it may damage the spine. The elite 2 and 5 kg composite gas cylinders will be extremely convenient for students, hostels, hospitals, picnic, and outdoor parties. These cylinders will be made available to consumers immediately without any formalities and we will ensure immediate refills as well.

Apart from the LPG cylinders, CPIL has commissioned over 200 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations pan India and providing Auto fuel to three wheelers and four wheelers under the brand name GoGas.  GoGas Auto LPG of CPIL is a leading brand PAN India today and company is progressing rapidly in Auto LPG field.  CPIL is contributing a lot in saving environment by reducing vehicular pollution by promoting of Green fuel. 

CPIL - with a vast and trusted network of over 1,500 dealers IS growing together and bringing value to its investors, stake holders, associates and the employees. The path is full of challenges and we are confident to achieve our growth plans seamlessly. Company is progressing well and we are fully confident of achieving the desired growth in couple of years. Our target is to focus to the rural areas covering every taluka and district of the country.

Company is having readymade infrastructure of 15 LPG Cylinder manufacturing plants, 58 LPG Bottling Plants and over 200 Auto LPG dispensing Stations PAN India. The group is progressing quarter to quarter and in coming period we will achieve the set benchmark. We are ready to grab opportunities in the level playing field.


  1. Don't buy any go gas Elite cylinder, having fault and its not blast proof. as distributor I sold 4 cylinders, all came problem. and its very costly compared to PSU so no customer response, wasting to the money in that.

    Disadvantages :

    Elites cylinder (10 KG) having regulator issue.

    Elites cylinder having gas leakage issue.

    very high price compared compared to PSU.

    Commercial and domestic both cylinder having regulator issue. PSU regulator can not used. Locally not having the facilities for this.

    No proper setup from the company for commercial as well as domestic businesses.

    No discount from company for commercial and domestic.

    From company no training and no marketing for business and service. All false commitment from company to sell more and more cylinders.

    No proper setup for Marketing, no facilities from the company.
    Company management is so lazy, the work process is very slow.

    Company only focused to sell more and more cylinder as their businesses to earn money.

    No nay safety and guideline training from company.

    company increased to start the business without any safety guideline given by the government, so always have the fear to all distributors do business as per company people no need to keep fire investigation.

    Market feedback is very bad as I am distributor had experience.

    My recommendation no go gas. PSU is more and more better and cheaper with good services.