Tuesday, December 10, 2019

BlueStone forays into Pune’s jewellery market


PUNE: BlueStone, the country’s leading fine jewellery brand, launched its first brick and mortar store in Pune at the Phoenix Market city. The store was inaugurated by Meenal Sujit Thipse, Mrs India (Panache) 2018 Plus Size.

Under its grand multicity multi-store expansion plan, the company aims to add about 100 stores (operational) by December 2020. This is latest in the line of the twelve stores launched so far, out of the thirty stores that are in the pipelinein the current year. These store launches are envisioned to be part of a larger omni-channel ecosystem developed by the Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, Founder and CEO, BlueStone who aims to change the way jewellery is bought in the country.

Commenting on the store launch, he said, “The launch of this store is a significant milestone in the growth of the company. A store is a precious touch-point where the customers build trust with a brand. We aim to strategically establish various stores to offer buyers an immersive jewellery browsing and buying experience. We have had eleven successful launch stories so far in our saga of expanding our offline footprint all across the country. With the launch of our Pune chapter, we hope that people of Pune will welcome BlueStone with a similar vigour, especially since it is one of our pioneer store launches.”

Talking about the various jewellery collections that will be housed at the store, he further added, “We have created the jewellery collections for our customers in Pune, keeping in mind the latest and classic fashion trends- traditional as well as contemporary – combined with the best quality and style.”

The store had on display some of the latest and most popular jewellery collections from the 7,000 plus in-house unique designs exclusive to the brand BlueStone. BlueStone also offers over 1.4 Lacs options for Solitaires at attractive prices. Various types of jewellery products such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings, among others, are available at the store.

To assist the customers, Bluestone has in place skilled consultants to help the buyers with theirselection process. The consultants would also be instrumental in offering the brand flexibility in its services to its customers, for example, a request to change a particular product’s gold purity or colour, adjust diamond quality, provide guidance on Solitaires, and a lot more.


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