Monday, November 18, 2019

ISME, a step towards Distance learning


PUNE: A while ago, young people preferred alternatives like BPO, KPO, and Call Center as an alternative to hard work due to low education. In the course of time, the need for call centers began to be felt in all retail areas. But due to lack of education, the progress of the youth started to decline. But with distance education, young people started working and working.

Degrees, diplomas, and post graduate degrees such as these have helped young people to have doubled their confidence. Sachin Khaire, director of the ISME (International School for Management Excellence), said that the attitude towards education was changing as the job positions were readily available.

The distance education system seeks to make high quality education free for all. This system has the least restrictions on access to education. But the same traditional standards of quality are used in the test method. The International School for Management Excellence (ISME) in Pune is a distance learning medium. After obtaining a degree, diploma or post graduate diploma certificate from ISME, one can get employment in various companies in 8 countries.

Khaire further added that the concept of distance education or open education is the same. The first Open University in the world was established in England in 1959. Even today it is a highly reputed and renowned open university. Open universities have been established in more than 3 countries of the world. The basic process of learning is always dependent on the student's will and efforts. It is for this reason that any person can continuously learn, even in the presence or absence of a teacher.
Sujay Mukherjee, Regional Manager of International School for Management Excellence (ISME), Pratiksha Jadhav were present at the press conference.


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