Sunday, September 15, 2019

Yoga boosts stability, success: Neeta Singhal


PUNE: "The seven chakras in our body give different directions to our life. Finding the balance of 
these seven chakras is essential. The study of these chakras is undertaken in 'Saptachakra' yogasna. 
This yogasana will lead to stability, self-confidence and success in life. The correct implementation will bring positive changes in life. That is why it is important to give importance to 'Saptachakra yogsadhana'," said Neeta Singhal, founder of Chakraog Foundation.

A free workshop was organised on Saptachakra Yog - You are More by the Chakrayog Foundation, Rudra Centre and Nina Nahata at Hotel Utsav on Satara road. Singhal spoke on this topic at the workshop. Among the present dignitaries were organizer Nina Nahata, 'Mrs. India 2018' Dr. Pallavi Prasad among others were present.

Neeta Singhal guided the audience on various topics including Saptachakra Sadhana, it's importance, usefulness of Yog Sadhana in personal and professional development, balancing Chakrasadhan through Yog Sadhana among others. All the participants were also given a special 'Rudraksh' having radiance and an information booklet about Chakrasadhan. 

Singhal further added, "Saptachakra Yog is about knowledge and guidance is given through knowledge and meditation. By practicing Saptachakra, individuals get rid of fear, worries and stress. Guidance is given on why there is imbalance of the wheels in body and what should be done to balance it right. There is rising negativity among people and this Chakrasadhan can be useful to divert them towards positivity. This form of meditation is getting acknowledgement on many platforms. Rudraksh is part of Lord Shankar and using it brings joy in life. It can be possessed by anybody and at any age. The misconceptions about it among minds of people should be removed."

Nina Nahata said, "We are making all efforts to promote Saptachakra. Workshops on this are conducted in Kenya, Dubai, Jammu Kashmir, Gujarat, Mumbai among other places. By practicing this form of meditation financial, physical, mental issues are being resolved. The aim of the free workshop is to ensure that this topic reaches maximum people. Several such workshops have taken place in India and abroad and over 20,000 people have practiced Saptachakra Yogsadhana."


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