Monday, September 16, 2019

Yellow Ribbon Ngo Fair to begin on 20 September


PUNE: Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair is now in its 12th year and is one of the biggest events in Pune spearheaded by Parul and Sailesh Mehta. The fair provides a platform where the NGOs and the SHGs can showcase and sell products made as a part of income generation activities and generate awareness about the work done by them.

It provides them an unique opportunity to learn, share, network, generate new ideas and awareness about the marketing trends with the urban and rural market and above all exposure of the rural NGOs/SHGs/Artisans/Farmers with the urban market and customers. The fair is being supported by NABARD since last 11 years. This year we have 10 Stalls supported by NABARD who would be showcasing their products from rural parts of Maharashtra. 

The 12th Edition of the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair will be inaugurated by Kalyani Chawla on Friday 20th Sept at 3 pm.  Kalyani Chawla is the Founder of Rezon Luxury Silverware and is name to reckon with in the Corporate world. Veteran Actor Sharmila Tagore to present the Awards to the best stalls on Monday 23rd.

Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair will be held between 20th September and 23rd September.The Yellow Ribbon NGO and Artisans Fair is Pune’s biggest shopping festival spread over 20,000 sq.ft where you will find NGOs, SHGs, Farmer Producers and Artisans who work selflessly to support various causes like livelihood, health, women empowerment, education for children and environment.  They also work towards the hearing and visually impaired and many more such causes. 

The four-day fair would be exhibiting environment friendly products over plastic goods to promote a sustainable way of living and preserving our environment for the next generations to come. Small scale farmers and the tribal farming communities with organic produce, would be participating at this year’s fair to bring exotic indigenous variety of fruits, vegetables and grains which are otherwise not available in the market. In addition to farming produce, a unique portfolio of products will be available which are not only environment friendly but also artistic.

Sagomaya (product made out of cowdung) diyas is an unique environment friendly initiative taken by Ishanya Foundation. The Sagomaya Diya pots are made by the tribal marginalised farmers by using the cowdung. After using it as a diya, the pots can be crumbled and used as a manure for the house/society plants. They are 100% biodegradable product Made in India and available for sale at the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair. 

We have Artisans like Mayurbhai Patolawala which is a 75 year old firm where the famous Rajkot Patola Sarees are weaved and dyed by 300 locally trained and skilled weavers in an around Rajkot-Gujarat.


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