Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ratanpura won bronze at World Skills, Kazan


PUNE: Shweta Ratnapura become the first Indian woman winner of bronze medal in graphic designer competition at World Skills Kazan 2019.  Shweta Ratanpura got her training at Design Media and Entertainment School, under guidance of Satish Narayanan, founder director of Design media and Entertainment.
J.P. Shroff, Chairman at Shroff group of companies were present at the occasion. The event was organized by Design Media an Entertainment Solutions. J.P. Shroff enlightened the atmosphere by his kind words as he spoke about how tough it is to achieve such a position by defeating 63 countries. He further added that Shewta is a diamond and Satish chiseled the diamond, everybody is born extraordinary only we need to understand our capability and work on it.” 

Satish Narayanan who won the medal of excellence in 2013 World Skills and guide of Shweta shared his opinion and experience about the World Skills. He said “It was a very proud moment for me when Shweta won bronze medal for our nation as participation was of 1354 candidates across 63 countries around the world and India was 6th largest contingent with a total of 48 youths participating in 44 different skills.”

Talking about Shewta he told that Shweta’s journey to World Skills was not an easy one as after winning Nationals she was trained and guided under me and through his guidance Shweta was tested rigorously in order to be at the international level World Skills. 

Shweta shared her experience about the challenges and frustration she faced while practicing as many of her competitors were facing lots of external issues but proper yoga and exercise kept her motivated and she came back with a medal for our nation. Shweta’s parents Amita Ratanpura and Vinit Kumar Ratanpura  shared about the experiences of their daughter’s win and also said that parents should let their child fly and believe in them as one day they will definitely make us proud. JP Shroff felicited Satish Narayanan and Shewta at the event.


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