Saturday, September 28, 2019

Crafted coffee café The Brew Room opens in Pune


PUNE: Coffee connoisseur Mark Tormo Altimira launched a crafted coffee café, The Brew Room here in Pune. After inauguration small workshop arrange by The Brew Room. During this session, bloggers and journalist learn the different kinds of coffee and various brewing methods from around the world like Cold drip, Italian espresso, Chemex etc.

Marc said, “We offer every style from the highlands of Ethiopia to downtown Mylapore,” he states, adding, “Our filter coffee is 100 per cent pea berry. It’s dark roast and has no chicory.” As a lineup of Barista spring into action, he quickly runs us through their methods of brewing. “Each method comes from a different country. There’s a coffee for every occasion, for every moment and for every palette.”

One Barista demonstrates the Aero press, invented by a Professor at MIT, who was obsessed with coffee, while another quickly makes a cup using the French Press. “It’s more like an infusion. A light coffee for a long afternoon.” Then comes the CEMEX, invented in 1941 by a German who wanted to brew coffee in crystal. He said, “This is a light aromatic brew, almost like Darjeeling.”

The demonstration ends with a Vacuum Siphon which looks like it was birthed in a chemistry lab. “This is the most sophisticated method in the brew room,” says Marc, “It’s a cold drip method that’s becoming more popular around the world. We brew the coffee with cold water, so it’s not bitter. It takes 18 hours and is kept in a wine bottle for two-three days. You drink it with sugar and ice.”

“My cold-drip, cold-coffee arrives creamy with almond milk. Delicate and low-key, it’s a world away from the ice-cream laden, pre-packaged cold coffee shakes that have become a standard fare in the city,” said Marc.


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