Monday, August 12, 2019

Dr. Shah honored with Promising Surgical Oncologist


PUNE: Dr Sumit Shah, consultant cancer surgeon of Prolife Cancer Centre, received  the ‘Promising Surgical Oncologist of the year – 2019 in India’, at the hands of Ashwini Kumar Choube, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare and a member of the 17th Lok Sabha, at the 7th Global Healthcare Excellence Awards, 2019 & Summit, held at New Delhi. Dr Shah received this award for his contribution in the field of oncology, for the past 12 years.

Dr. Shah has extensively worked on cancer awareness, tobacco de-addiction, and delivered many talks in schools and colleges about the harmful effects of tobacco. He has been conducting free OPD for tobacco de-addiction since the last 5 years. As the field of oncology is growing he is promoting recent trends of organ and function preservation surgery where along with cure, he ensures that patients lead a quality life.

That’s not all - he has also been performing keyhole (laparoscopy) surgeries for cancer which keeps patients pain free with less scars and early recovery. Over the last five years he has performed many free cancer surgeries for the underprivileged sector in remote parts of Western Maharashtra.

Dr. Shah recently started a comprehensive cancer hospital, Prolife Cancer Centre in Pune, to eliminate fear of cancer from people’s mind and make them realize that cancer is a curable disease. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in India. In 2018 there were 22.5 lakh cancer patients. Every year 11.5 lakh new cancer patients are detected and almost 7.84 lakh deaths occur due to cancer. Major causes of this disease are tobacco, HPV infection and changing lifestyle and obesity. In the western world majority of cancers are cured, however sadly, in India most of the patients start their treatment at a late stage.

Says Dr. Shah, “To overcome this hurdle, we must create awareness. Most importantly people should change their mindset and accept that cancer is a curable disease. If we know common symptoms of common cancers in India we can detect cancer at an early stage and treat them and they can be cured.”  

“Breast and cervical cancer in females, Oral cavity (mouth), lung and stomach cancer in males are commonest cancers in India. While Cervical cancer can be avoided by HPV vaccines, oral cancer can be avoided by tobacco de-addiction and the rest by leading a healthy life style and avoiding obesity. All these common cancers in India are due to preventable causes. Timely action and increase in awareness can reduce half of cancer burden in India”, sums up Dr. Shah.


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