Sunday, July 21, 2019

Drama narates doctor-society relations


PUNE: The change in society’s view of looking towards doctors, the bitterness created within patients due to bad experiences of doctors or hospitals, increasing number of attacks on doctors & demonstrations against them, negligence shown by doctors, negative questioning done by patients’ relatives to the doctors, generic medicines, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and many other issues were addressed through the program; the changing relationships between doctors and patients were highlighted through the drama Jara samjun ghya.
Pune obstetric and gynecologist association organized free show of the drama ‘Jara Samjun Ghya’ and published the booklet ‘Mala kahi wicharaychay’ addressing women health issues at the Jyotsna Bhole auditorium near Swargate. The society’s secretary Dr. Dileep Walke, organizer Dr. Parag Biniwale, Dr. Kiran Kurtakoti, Dr. Manish Machwe, Dr. KundanIngale, Dr. Savita Mehendale, Dr. Sanjay Gupte, Dr. Shirish Patwardhan, Dr. Santosh Kakade, women health magazine’s editor Dr. Vaijayanti Patwardhan, Dr. Vaishali Binniwale were amongst the dignitaries present at the occasion.

Dr. Dileep Walke said that the organization works towards precautions from diseases caused to people. Several medical conferences and workshops along with many other events are organized by the association. Many women face several health issues and people are unsure of the correct diagnosis or treatments to diseases. The ‘mala kahi wicharaychay’ booklet has been published to address such women health related issues. 

Pre-wedding and pre-pregnancy counselling, caesarean deliveries, natural deliveries, abortions, breastfeeding, PCOS and many other such issues have been addressed in the booklet cited Dr. Vaijayanti Patwardhan.

The drama ‘jara samjun ghya’ is produced by Maharashtra cultural center. Dr. VivekBele has written while Abhay Godse has directed the play and Anant Ghare has done the stage arrangements. Senior actor Dr. Mohan Agashe and actress Manjusha Godse are the lead actors in the play.


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