Monday, July 22, 2019

"Ayurveda practitioners should focus on research"


PUNE: "In today's age, Ayurveda becoming trustworthy and people expecting more from it. Ayurveda Practitioners should focus on research and have to made it more compatible and cost effective. Research based ayurvedic practice will helps to popular Ayurveda," mentioned Dr Ashutosh Gupta, President of Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine.
Dr Gupta was addressing the audience on occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of Keshayurved - India's first Ayurvedic Hair Testing Lab and Research Center organised by Aarogyavardhini Chikitsalaya and BVG India. A program for dignifying the dream of achieving 108 centers of Keshayurved worldwide and a felicitation ceremony of the proud Keshayurvedians.

Padmashri Prataprao Pawar, renowned Businessman, Dr. Arun Jamkar, former President of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Dr. Satish Dumbre, Principal of Ashtang Ayurved College and Dr Harish Patankar, founder of Keshayurved were present on this occasion.

In the last 3 years Keshayurved has started 108 centres all over the globe. Among these centers the Keshayurvedians doing excellent work were encouraged and awarded with Keshayurved Gaurav, Keshayurved Bhushan, Keshayurved Ratna and Keshayurved Mitra awards. Keshayurved Gaurav Grantha, edited by Jivraj Chole and the book, Kaya-Kesh-Kalpana were published on this occasion.
Dr Ashutosh Gupta said, "We have to develop research mentality in every field. To encourage research based practice MCIM planning to launch new fellowship courses in future. If we present Ayurveda in real context, then people follow the Ayurveda. There are many opportunities in this field. Keshayurveda is one super-specialty, everyone can develop one specialty in Ayurveda."

Ayurveda is our legacy of science, but it is popular in western countries. There are lot of opportunities to export Ayurvedic medicines. We should find root cause of any disease. For that we need to do in-depth research in Ayurveda, mentioned Prataprao Pawar.  Dr Arun Jamkar, Dr Santish Dumbare put their views. Dr Harish Patankar gave introductory remarks and briefed about Keshayurveda. Dr Vivek Ambare compeered the function.


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