Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Chitale joins hand with Recykal to recycle Milk Pouch

 L-R - Atul Chitale, Kedar Chitale, Pushkar Chitale,
Anant Chitale, Abhishek Deshpande and Chetan Baregar


PUNE: Plastic recycle Reloop Program is launched on the occasion of World Environment Day by Chitale Group of Industries and RECYKAL Platform.

It is need of the hour to maintain environment balance. Due to modernization, the use of plastic and plastic made products is increasing day by day. If the plastic is less than 50 microns, it is difficult to disintegrate it.  Therefore, it has been mandatory to use plastic thicker than 50 microns.  But no one has taken the initiative to arrange for the disposal of plastics or goods more than 50 microns.

Since last 80 years Chitale Group of Industries has been providing good quality milk and other food products to its customers.  Throughout this time, all the directors have always been motivated to fully cooperate while maintaining business transparency.  Being inspired by this thought and cooperating with the government, we are planning to implement this system in all the area we are covering and for the pilot project we have chosen Hadapsar area.

This information is given by Atul Chitale, Pushkar Chitale, Director of Chitale Group of Industries and Abhishek Deshpande, Director of UZED Pvt. Ltd.This RECYKAL digital platform provides us media for plastic and other recyclable material by scientific method. Chitale Group of Industries with RECYKAL are the First in India to start plastic disintegration Reloop program. We have planned end to end solution for plastic disintegration through customer-friendly 'UZED' mobile app.

UZED Mobile App is available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store and is extremely easy to use.  In this application, we have provided all the information and instructions to the customers of Chitale Milk and other food products.  The customer has to deposit washed and dried milk bags and other plastic in collection center near his home. Location and other information of this collection center is given in this app. The representative of the collection center will collect and accept the accumulated plastic material and will weigh it.  Customer will get receipt of this on App itself. Customers will get Loyalty Points in exchange for the plastic deposited by the customer.  These accumulated points can be redeemed in a reputed store connected in this app.

All the plastic deposited by the customer will be collected in one place and segregated and supplied to the related industry as raw material.  The customer will be able to see the steps taken till the recycle of plastic deposited by him and support he is giving for environment.

Pune generates 4 to 5 tons of polythene bag waste every day out of the use of milk and milk products of all the brands. Reloop project will start from Hadapsar and the Pilot will be conducted in the period of 9 months. In this, initially, 230 drop points are created in Hadapsar region to collect milk bag waste.

The Pilot project aims to collect 500 to 600 tons of plastic waste in Pune in next 9 months. It will try to reach over 1 lac. customers and 5000 businesses in this period in the city. Anantrao Chitale, Kedar Chitale, Atul Chitale, Pushkar Chitale of Chitale Group and Abhishek Deshpande and Chetan Baregar of Recykal were present for the press conference.


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