Sunday, March 24, 2019

All-women car rally from Mumbai to Aamby Valley


PUNE: JK Tyre and Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) are back with the all-women car rally - Rally to the Valley - for its sixth edition this year. The Rally to the Valley will run from Mumbai to Aamby Valley with about a thousand female participants spreading the message of equality for women in the society and road safety. The all-women rally was started in 2015 when it saw participation from over 250 cars. The registration process is open at WIAA Churchgate office and interested participants can also register online at womensrallytothevalley website.

The rally will begin on 7th April from Omkar 1973, Worli and conclude at Aamby Valley City. This edition of the rally supports the cause of women safety. On the 10th of April, WIAA will hold a prize distribution ceremony. Entries from Pune are also open. The Rally only accepts women drivers aged 18 years or above with a valid driving licence and other documents of the car they're entering with.

Nitin Dossa, Executive Chairman of WIAA says that the goal of the annual women's rally is to advocate legislation and policies regarding women's rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, worker's rights, girl child education, sexual harassment and tolerance.

"Today's woman is no longer a dependent soul. She is independent and self-reliant in every respect and is capable of doing everything. Let's recognise the importance of their existence and motivate them for future achievements. Our experience shows that all such events have become extremely successful and popular and a matter of keen interest for all automobile owners. The event is sponsored by many organizations and individuals who are hardcore automobile lovers," he added.

WIAA is celebrating the centenary year in 2019. It is affiliated to the Federation Internationale De L'Automobile. Dossa further explains that the mission of the rally is to awareness in the society about road safety, reduce life threats caused by road accidents. Apart from its original aims and objectives, the association also undertakes to promote tourism within the country.

WIAA is the largest Automobile Association in South Asia which extends to major cities in Western India through an array of activities. The association's main objectives involve spreading awareness about road safety and educate drivers to be more responsible on the road.

Registrations for the 2019 Women Rally to the Valley are currently open. Download the forms and mail them to WIAA's office or apply online and drive for a cause to support women safety and equality, along with of course road safety.


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