Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Pune celebrates House party on New Year’s eve


PUNE: Pune stays at home on New Year’s eve as hoteliers claim 30 % drop in footfall. Food delivery services claimed to be zipping about the city as demand spiked on December 31. The city stayed in this New Year’s eve, if the estimates of hoteliers in the city are anything to go by.

Ganesh Shetty, president, Pune restaurants and hoteliers association, said, “Many preferred celebrating the last day of the year at home, ordering food online. Besides, the day came on a Monday which has also impacted business. After a long day of work, house parties perhaps are preferred choice and people order food online.”

Shetty estimates that the drop in footfall in hotels and restaurants in Pune according to early estimates is as much as 30 per cent Food delivery services claimed to be zipping about the city as demand spiked on December 31. A senior official at Uber Eats, requesting anonymity, said, “This year, online food orders have doubled as compared to last year on December 31. Also, there is huge pressure on all delivery persons leading to short delays as well.”

Vrushabh Patil, owner Marrakesh, another popular restaurant in the city, said, “Online delivery of food has certainly affected our business, however, there are many other reasons as well. People prefer to sit at home and celebrate to avoid any drink driving cases. Besides, the on-going Sunburn festival in the city has impacted business as well.”

“Strict police action have disuaded us from venturing out, so it is a house party on December 31,” said Apurva Belsare, an IT professional. Belsare added, “The city traffic police department has certainly succeeded in spreading the message of strict action it intends to take against drink driving cases. So, rather than getting caught by police on the last day of the year, I prefer a house party.”


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