Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Patil in Theatres on 21st December


PUNE: It is said that a man’s struggle has begun even before he is born. Struggle is an indivisible part of a man’s life. In this lifelong struggle the one who has the tenacity, and who stands up bravely and develops oneself, only he can write history.

‘Patil’ a motivational and inspiring movie full of struggle has won the hearts of the movie goers. The movie was released in many parts of the state but could not be released in some parts of the state. Due to persistent demand from the public, ‘Patil’ is once again being released on the 21st of December. Produced by Star Craft Manoranjan Pvt, Ltd., Sachiket Productions, Shaubham Cine vision Pvt. Ltd., ‘Patil struggle….Love and Existence’ is the struggle filled journey of Shivaji Patil.

Love and duty are two sides of the same coin. When a man attains a balance between the two he becomes happy. While trying to balance his love and duty, we get to see the past, the struggle and the humiliations that he has overcome, he does not succumb to his circumstances. He bravely faces his problems with great tenacity. Trying to balance his love and duty, will Shivaji be successful in seeing his goal being fulfilled?  While doing his duty will his love be supportive? To seek the answer to the multitude of questions one must see ‘Patil’.

Written and directed by Santosh Mijgar, the movie has S.R.M. Alian, Shivaji Lotan, Varsha Dandhale, Bhagyshri Mote, Narendra Deshmukh, Pratima Deshpande, Suresh Pillai, Kapil Kamble, Yash and many other artistes. Dr. Jagdish Patil (Konkan Commissioner) has a very special role in the movie and Dr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman of Zee Network Esselvision, appears as a guest artiste.

Music and songs play a big role in developing the narrative of the film. There are five songs in the film. The lyrics are set to music by Anand-Milind, Sonali Uday, Prabhakar Narwade, D.H. Harmoni and S.R.M.Alian. The background score is by Amar Mohile.

The story, screenplay and direction are by Santosh Rammeena Mijgar. Bollywood Tourism and ‘AVK Entertainment’ are presenting the film. The producers are Jaisheel Mijgar, Tejal Shah, Neeta Lad, Satish Govindwar, Gopichand Padalkar , Madhukar Lolge and Rupesh Tak.  The co-producers are Ganesh Bidkar, Ramrao Wadkute, Santukrao Hambarde Saurabh Tandel, Deepak Dalal and Abhiram Sudhir Patil.

Vivek Singh is the executive producer. Editing is by Nilesh Gavand and Manish Shirke. Cinematography is by Sudhakar Reddy Yankanti and Raja. Choreography is by Subhash Nakashe. Makeup is by Pruta Manjrekar and Jyoti Mulgir. Sound by Anirudh Kale and VFX by Prashant Mehta and art direction by Suresh Pillai.

'Patil' is releasing on the 21st of December.


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