Sunday, December 30, 2018

Kaivalyadham's intl yoga conference inaugurated


PUNE: A four-day-long International Yoga Conference - Yoga was Therapy - Scope, Evidence and Evolution organised by Lonavla-based Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute was inaugurated recently. The conference, that kicked off on December 27, is aimed at understanding the evolution of Yoga as a form of therapy in the historical and current context.

Chairman of Kaivalyadham, Swami Maheshananda, Minister of Health for Maharashtra, Deepak Sawant and Former Director of CBI and member of Kaivalyadham Advisory Board DR Karthikeyan were among the dignitaries present on the occasion.

CEO of Kaivalyadham, Subodh Tiwari said, "Over the next few days, brilliant minds from all over the globe will come together to discuss the place of Yoga in the realm of healing. Through multiple academic plenary sessions and panel discussions, our endevour would be to delve deeper into the intricate aspects of understanding yoga as a therapy."

The conference will also set the tone about the future scope of yoga therapy and studying its place in various fields like academia, modern medicine and yoga teaching. Among the topics to be discussed at the conference are Evidence-based Yoga, the future road map and Yoga as therapy in women's health.

 Assistant professor of medicine at Hardvard Medical School, Satbir Singh Khalsa said, "Today, there is a disconnect. We've taught about dental hygiene, but not mental hygiene. Now, through the lens of yoga, as a form of healing, both from the scope of prevention and cure, we must ask ourselves how do we go from where we are not to where we need to be? I believe this conference will help answer this question and establish a road map for the practice and discipline of yoga therapy."


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