Saturday, December 15, 2018

Chikki production units in Lonavla under FDA scanner


PUNE: Two days after Lonavla’s famous chikki brand, Maganlal Chikki, was issued a ‘stop production’ notice from the Food and drug administration (FDA) over non conformity with FDA food production standards, the focus now is on the overall chikki business in this hill station.

Chikki, a sugary sweet brittle, laden at the very least with groundnuts and jaggery, is a yearly business worth Rs 450 crore, the majority of which is attributed to 15 chikki manufacturers in Lonavla. A number of franchisees also form a major source of employment in and around Lonavla, 60 km from Pune, with a population of 55,000.

FDA commissioner, Suresh Deshmukh, said,“We are here to ensure healthy food is be supplied to people. It is mandatory for every food producer to follow all food safety related norms. We have planned to conduct more raids in Lonavala.”

According to Deshmukh, most chikki manufacturing in Lonavla is a household business. “Even for those manufacturers, the FDA guidelines are mandatory. We have found that some of these chikki manufacturers are not complying with FDA norms,” he said.


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