Wednesday, October 3, 2018

India is the most tolerant Country: Ezekiel Malekar


PUNE: “Israel is my heart but India is my blood. India is the most tolerant country, Jewish community is living here from around 2000 years but they don’t feel like outsiders,” said Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, Head of the Jewish community in New Delhi at MIT-WPU and MIT-ADT University second day & 3rd Session of World Peace Parliament.

After the inauguration of Saint Dnyaneshwar World Peace Dome on 150th anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi, the World Peace Parliament of Science, Spirituality and Philosophy was led ahead with the eminent presence of speakers, thinkers and philosophers at MIT-ADT University, Loni-Kalbhor. The topic was “Religion and Religious Scriptures of the World as ‘True Life- Guiding Scriptures”

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad said addressing the conclave, “Hindu is not a religion but it is the way of living. The way of dressing can differ from person to person but it should not differ your soul from unite with another human. Swami Vivekanand whom we remember as the noble son of India, had included in his speech at world parliament that India will emerge as the symbol of human kind in 21st century.“

Bhante Rahul Bodhi said, “Buddha means science and logic. Peace and harmony come in our lives from human heart and mind. We’re responsible for disturbing the society. In the era of nuclear bomb, greed and hatred spread violence only.”

Pandit Vasant Rao Gadgil said, “Light is the symbol of knowledge. Religion lies within our heart, not in temple, masjid, church or agiyari. India has great respect for mothers, Islam keeps mothers on top. All the religions today has only one motto that is Vishwakalyanam and Vishwashanti.”

Prof Gautam Bapat compeered the function and gave the vote of thanks.


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