Friday, July 27, 2018

Class 10 Mathematics: Pune’s pass percentage is 34.68


PUNE: The results of Class 10 mathematics has not been encouraging. It has dropped to the lowest across the country and the state, with Pune lagging behind with an average of less than 35 per cent. The findings were revealed recently in the national achievement survey (NAS), conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

The survey also showcased the district report card which showed that the average performance (mean percentage of correct responses) of students from Pune district is as low as 34.68 per cent, while the state average is 33.57 per cent.

In response to the findings of the survey, Meenakshi Raut, deputy director, education department Pune, said, “This data is not surprising, as we have been seeing this trend for the past few years now. The major reason behind this among many others is the fear associated with the subject. Students face a lot of pressure from school, parents and society.

“Mathematics should be demystified and fear should be eliminated through alternative teaching methods. The report might prove to be a starting point for the improvement.” The report showed that maximum students have difficulty in understanding the Number system. Only 24.23 per cent students in the Pune district were able to give the correct answers, as opposed to the 28.13 per cent in the state.

Students do not fare well in Coordinate Geometry. Only 27.20 per cent of students from Pune district were able to get correct answers while only 26.51 per cent of students got it right in the state. A majority of students seem to understand Algebra better as 36.26 per cent of students from Pune managed to get correct answers as opposed to 33.82 per cent in Maharashtra

In the other subjects, however, students from Pune schools have done better when compared to the state average. In Modern Indian language (MIL), students from Pune district scored the highest average of 62.54 per cent, as opposed to the state average of 57.39 per cent. It is then followed by Social Science (44.02 per cent), English (42.23 per cent) and Science (36.44 per cent).

In total, 3,154 students from 79 schools in the district participated in the survey. This is one of the largest national surveys conducted by the NCERT, spanning 1.5 million Class 10 students from 44,514 schools in 610 districts across the country.


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