Wednesday, July 4, 2018

‘Books for Change’ by Touch A Life Foundation


PUNE: Touch A Life Foundation (TALF)  started by Naresh and Seema Surana will expand its Book for Change program in Pune and adjoining districts. In 2016, Several groups like Sarjan Charity Foundation HongKong, With Love For You Charitable Foundation - Pune, etc. came together to survey, study and donate text books to smaller villages.

The Book for Change has specially targeted for 9th and 10th standard students where the dropout rate is high in rural areas. This year alone the Book for Change program has reached 3000 students with more than 25000 books being donated. This year the program will be expanded further in villages near Beed, Satara, Saswad and Junnar informed Naresh and Seema Surana, trustees Touch A Life Foundation at a Press Conference in Pune.

TALF team members Neha Pawar, Riddhi Surana, Manoj Mishra, were instrumental in kickstarting the ‘Books For Change’ project. Naresh and Seema Surana started Touch A Life Foundation in 2017. Surana family are Indians settled in Hongkong for the last 20 years and have been doing social work for over 10 years. The last 5 years they have been focusing on smaller villages of India and specifically surveying the education system available there. 

While working on this project Naresh Surana realised that this sector needs immediate action and a lot of drawbacks are caused by no uniformity or common platform. He realised some had the money to donate, some had the time to work, some had the resources required but there is no platform to bring them together peacefully and with complete transparency. That’s when his 10 years of social work and experience was put together and he formed ‘Touch A Life Foundation.’ 

Seema Surana cofounder adds, “The aim of Touch A Life, by making an online portal is to provide remotely located schools and students the infrastructure to remain connected with us. While the donors, NGOs, schools, volunteers, etc. will be connected to the portal too, we can ensure that our children are provided health care, education and in future, support with employment recruiting, so we can fulfill their dreams and aspirations.”

Neha Pawar confirmed that by June 2018, TALF has managed to reach 3000 students with ‘Book For Change’ project and 6000 ladies through ‘Thankyou Mom’ project in villages of Beed, Satara, Saswad & Junnar.


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