Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tattoo artist booked for raping woman cabbie


PUNE: The Sinhagad police booked a Dhayari-based man - who is a tattoo artist and also runs a pharmacy - for repeatedly raping and blackmailing a 35-year-old woman taxi driver over the past one year.

The tattoo artist’s wife, who too is a pharmacist, has been booked by the police for threatening the survivor and trying to hush up the matter. The taxi driver, a divorcee, claimed the suspect had shot a video clip of her in a compromising position on his cellphone. He had then circulated the same video clip among nearly 150 individuals using a mobile social messaging service, she alleged.

Baban Khodade, the inspector of Sinhagad Road police, is currently investigating the case. No arrests were reported till late on Thursday night. The tattoo artist runs a pharmacy at the Dhayari Chowk, He had got acquainted with the woman taxi driver - who used to park her vehicle at the chowk while waiting for taxi hire calls - about a year ago.

In her police complaint, the woman said the man had told her about his tattooing skills and since she wanted a tattoo herself, she told him about her desire of getting a tattoo made on her hand. The man invited her to the back of his pharmacy, where he said he would make the tattoo. He then started working on the tattoo.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), when the woman taxi driver complained about the tattoo process being very painful, the suspect asked her if she wanted a painkiller from his pharmacy. Then, in the name of a painkiller, he offered the woman a cold drink laced with some sedative, the FIR reported.

When the woman lost her consciousness, the suspect allegedly raped her and filmed the entire act on his cellphone. He also took her photographs in compromising positions. Soon, the man started blackmailing the taxi driver by threatening to release the video clip and photographs online and make them ‘viral’ on the social networking sites, the FIR added.

He repeatedly raped the woman at different hotels and lodges in the city and the rural areas, the police report said. According to the police, the man hails from Uttar Pradesh and is married a woman from Pune. Thier’s was a love marriage.


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