Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pune school issues LC to students for not paying fee


PUNE: Pune based Zeal Education Society's Dnyanganga School at Hingne has allegedly issued leaving certificate (LCs) to over 150 students for failing to pay their fees.

The parents of the students have stated that the school management was overcharging them. "We paid Rs 30,000 fee and Rs 10,000 as a deposit earlier and asked them to adjust the deposit in the fee but the school is not ready to talk to us," said a parent.

The school took the decision after the Bombay High Court passed an order following a civil application moved by Zeal Education Society against the parents of Dnyanganga School who had refused to pay up. The Bombay high court in their order stated that the school management had the right to cancel the admission of students in case of non-payment of fees.

Talking to pune-news.com, Vikram Deshmukh, Legal advisor to Zeal Education Society said the certificate was issued by the school as per the order of the court. "They paid the amount of Rs 30, 000 in 2016-17 then why they had the problem to pay the fee for 2017-18, we do not understand. The High Court ordered that the school has the right to fix their fees, after which we took the decision," Deshmukh said.

He added that the school even gave the time of 7-day to the parents but they did not respond, as a result, they had to take the step.


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