Sunday, April 8, 2018

A river photo walk with a cleanliness twist


PUNE: Mayur Arbune and his associates in Pune Dusk and Maharashtra ig, two photography groups that document the city, have organized so-called photo-walks in the past but on Saturday they opted for a slightly different tack.

“Previously, we did photo-walks centred around heritage projects, where participants had to go around a certain area and photograph anything of historical and cultural significance. This year, we combined our love for photography with a cleanliness drive,” Arbune said.

Their pre-event e-mail was simple, inviting people to gather at Bhide bridge, located behind Deccan Gymkhana bus terminus, in the early hours of Saturday. The participants had to get any camera they had — from professional cameras to cellphone ones — and walk along the river, in and around the Deccan Gymkhana area, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) building, and in the Narayanpeth area of the old city, all of which are on either bank of the Mutha River.

“The idea was to take pictures of the city in a way they wished but also combine cleanliness with the activity. Out here, each of the participants had to choose an area they wished to work in, and first had to take a picture of the area. Then, they had to clean it with the help of equipment that we had provided along with some of our partners. After they are done, they would have to take a picture of the cleaned area as well,” Arbune added.

The cleanliness drive aside, where the organizers provided gloves, face masks, and garbage bins, participants also took pictures of their surroundings in an “artistic” way, as the organizers termed it.

The drive attracted curious eyes. Locals joined in and so did the traffic cops stationed nearby. “I guess about a 100 people attended our drive. Most of them were young students,” said one of the organizers.


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