Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sleuths sound alert against morph scare on the web


PUNE: Morphing as a form of cyber pornography has most victims and perpetrators within the age group of 13-23 years and the trend has been on the rise since a year. Cybercrime experts said in rare cases, even adults such as teachers, a parent and a school principal have been targeted out of spite or revenge.

Shweta Chawla, head and chief investigator at the Pune-based SC Cyber Solutions, said, “I get four-five such cases in a week these days as against one, two or nil till a year ago. We recently had a case when the picture of a nine-year-old was morphed by a bunch of pranksters for reasons best known to them. “

She added that the motive in many cases could be revenge or post a relationship that has broken and one of the parties misuses the other’s pictures to lash back. “A major concern is the availability of some free-of-cost apps that which could be downloaded on cellphones to morph photographs,” she said.

Sandip Gadiya, a cybercrime investigator and director of CyberFirst Pvt Ltd, said people should avoid sharing their photographs on the social media. “If they do, they should crank up their privacy settings,” he said.

Childline director Anuradha Sahasrabudhe said morphing has been since the age of social media platforms. “We have had cases where girls share private pictures with their partners, which are later used for blackmailing,” she said.


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