Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bharat Bachao yatra to arrive in Pune on March 29th


PUNE: To raise awareness about the ever-increasing population and several issues relating to social, economic and health arising out of it, the Rashtra Nirman Trust has organised Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Delhi ‘Bharat Bachao Yatra’, which will reach Puneon Thursday, March 29.

“Increasing population is a bane especially for India as it leads to shortage of infrastructure, cost inflation and unemployment, and we need to face these issues collectively,” said Sanjay Pardesi, convener of the yatra.

Speaking at a press conference, Pardeshi said that the only way to face the problem was to arrest the growing population without bringing in religion, caste, creed or culture into drafting the new law on population control.

Professor Prakash Joshi, Sudhir Rane and Shrihari Bondar were present at press conference, They will arrive at 5 pm on Thursday at Navale Bridge on Sinhagad Road.The yatra will then follow Shastri Road, Tilak Road, Alka Talkies chowk, Fergusson College Road, Shimla Office before culminating at Shaniwarwada, which there will be a huge gathering wherein speakers will talk on the burning issues that the nation is facing.

“In 1976 China introduced one-child per family law and strictly followed it till 2016 before the law was relaxed,” Pardeshi pointed out. “China had then realized that growing population was affecting country’s growth and once the law was in place China prospered to become world’s number two economy,” he said. “India should also have such strict law if it aspires to match the bigger economies,” Pardeshi added.

Prakash Joshi said that the leaders of different political parties should come together and speak on this issue. In 1977 when emergency was declared in India by the then government, Sanjay Gandhi had led a campaign to population control under which 70 lakh families were forced to undergo sterilization even though there was strong opposition to it.

“We should first change to name of Family Welfare Ministry to Family Control Ministry,” said Joshi and exhorted Puneites to participate in the yatra and help in nation building. People interested in joining the campaign may get in touch with the organisers at 9423014458.


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