Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dead son's sperms made Pune woman grandmother


PUNE: A Pune-based woman's world came to an unexpected standstill when her son succumbed to cancer two years ago in Germany. But her joy knows no bounds now. She became a grandmother to twins born via surrogacy methods using her son's cryo-preserved semen.

Doctors at Pune's Sahyadri Hospital performed the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure and fused Prathamesh Patil's semen, extracted and preserved long before his death in Germany, with the eggs of a donor to form embryos. The embryos were then transferred into the womb of a surrogate mother, who gave birth to the twins - a boy and a girl - on Monday.

Prathamesh Patil's mother Rajashree Patil said in 2010 her son had gone to Germany to pursue a master's degree when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour."The news was a shock to our family. Health experts in Germany suggested that Prathamesh start chemotherapy and radiation procedures.

They also asked him to preserve his semen to avoid any negative effects on his body post-treatment," she said. However, he suffered convulsions and also lost his vision, said Rajashree Patil, who teaches at a school in Pune. "After getting to know about his condition, which was a stage-four cancer, as informed by medical officers there, my first effort was to bring Prathamesh back to India from Germany," she said.

The family brought the ailing Prathamesh to India in 2013 and took him to a hospital in Mumbai, where he was operated upon following which his health showed signs of improvement."However, in between, he suffered another convulsion and was detected with a recurring tumour. He succumbed to a malignant tumour in September 2016," the mother said.

After his death, the mother, having a desire to get back her son, contacted the semen bank in Germany where Prathamesh Patil's semen was cryo-preserved. After completing the formalities, the semen was brought to India. The mother then approached Sahyadri Hospital for an IVF procedure with the help of his son's semen.Supriya Puranik, the head of IVF, gynaecology and obstetrics department at the hospital, said she is happy that advancement in science and technology is bringing smile on people's face.

"In hospitals, we often see a lot of emotional moments and happiness whenever a woman delivers a baby and we become a part of their joy," she said."But in this case, it was about a grief-stricken mother whose son was away for studies when he faced health issues and later died," said Puranik."We appreciate the kind of spirit she has shown in this entire process and we congratulate her for having her son back in the form of these healthy twin babies," she added.


  1. With son's semen born twins, how are they now?
    Who takes care of them?
    I appreciate the stand taken by twins' grand mother in th9is process.

    1. Hopes sutains life! Wonderful efforts ma'am!

  2. thanks for this usefull article, waiting for this article like this again.

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  4. What a beautiful and amazing story ,congrats this is something unique

  5. Really it was amazing 👏 thanks to technology and hatsoff to Rajashree Patil ma'am


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  10. Anonymous28/5/22

    Does the tumor gene have a familial inheritance or is it sporadic? Since it is a big setup so they must have checked those things. But still this is a major question as the babies future depends on it.

  11. Anonymous17/8/22

    Who is the surrogate mother and at what charges she was hired?

  12. Anonymous17/8/22

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  13. Great story but out shear imotional attachment. What about future treck of twins. Once they grow up and understand all will they convince themselves. In today's society it will be tough to stand courageously. My best wishes to them.

  14. Padmaja Deshpande7/11/22

    I think this is an emotionally driven and utterly self centered act on part of the grandmother.
    Imagine the complications that will arise later,the uncomfortable questions they will face, the possible loss of self esteem.
    How secure are they financially. Who looks after their upkeep and education, after the grandmother. Ofcourse, thre might be other issues involved, one does not know, to each his own.., however govt needs to frame some laws around this, if not existing.

  15. Chandrashekhar Iramani28/1/23

    It is God’s own universe, Every adversity is a seed of equipment success. Salute the decision and courage of the mother of demised son which shows invaluable mother’s love towards the son. Hence mother is always a great personality amongst all the relation.