Saturday, February 3, 2018

Parking vehicles on roads at night can pinch pocket


PUNE: Parking bikes and cars on roads at night can soon be a pricey affair with the Pune Municipal Corporation drafting a new policy to charge people for parking vehicles on streets.
The elected members of the civic body will take a call on the policy in the standing committee meeting on Tuesday.

The night-time parking rates have been fixed in the proposal on the basis of the demand for parking space in a particular area. After a six-month survey, the areas were categorized into Zone A (less demand), Zone B (good demand) and Zone C (very high demand).

According to the proposal, citizens will have to pay the parking fee between 10 pm and 8am. Parking a car on a road in the city areas will cost Rs 18,250 (Rs 50 a night) per annum. The annual cost of parking near old buildings and wadas will be Rs 9,125 (Rs 25 per night). The parking charges for roads around slum areas will be around Rs 4,562 (Rs12.50 each night) per year.

Passenger auto rickshaws and such paratransit (when parked in designated lots meant for their parking), ambulances, vehicles of specially-abled people, bicycles and Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited buses are exempted from parking charges.

According to the corporation officials, the parking charges have been defined on the basis of the guiding principles laid out in the parking policy, which states "on-street parking shall have higher parking charges than off-street parking." The policy also states that while "designing streets, priority shall be given to the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, public spaces and then to motor vehicles". Parking can be accommodated in the remaining space, it states.

Unless you improve the condition of public transport in the city these NGOs have no right to stop a person from buying vehicles - Alex Dmello

Sujit Patwardhan of Parisar organization said, "The move to introduce heavy parking charges is a good initiative to discourage the use of private vehicles. The measures to reduce private vehicles and increase the public transport should be taken simultaneously."

Prashant Inamdar of Pedestrians' First said imposing charges for using public space for parking was a step in the right direction. "People need to understand that public space like roads cannot be used for free to park private vehicles. Ideally, there should be a rule not allowing a person to buy a vehicle unless he/she has a dedicated space to park it."


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