Monday, January 1, 2018

Pune’s wish list for 2018


PUNE: It's time for new beginnings, new opportunities, new relationships and for many, a new outlook on life. On this, the first day of the year, spoke to pune people, who shared their new year wishlist for Pune, with us. Here are a few of the wishes that Puneites have for their city, for the year ahead.

No one reads forwarded messages. So people who send these messages on their groups should take a resolution not to forward good morning, good night and moral quote messages. – Prakriti Kambale, model

I am vegan and I know I am in the minority. There are hardly any options of restaurants and take away places for vegans. So, I want more vegan restaurants to open this year . – Kailash Madane, a BPO employee.

There should be more out of the box theme parties this year. Probably something like spin the bottle or truth or dare parties would be fun.-  Jaswant singh, HR professional

Colleges should give students who are in cultural activities full attendance, since they miss out due to practice and organising. This will encourage more students to participate. - Sayali  More, working professional

The city has many heritage spots and culturally rich places. The PMC should develop selfie points at these places, that will attract both locals as well as tourists. – Nitin Chhajed, student

I want Pune to become a bicycle friendly city in 2018. The existing tracks are full of motorbikes and are not in good shape. The tracks should be well maintained and motorcyclists who encroach should be fined . – N. Priyanka, content writer

Everybody loves freebies, hence the city should provide free transport once a month. It sounds impossible, but doing it once a month will reduce traffic and allow people to take a day off from riding and driving. — Prayag Joshi, model

Fashion trends like cold shoulder and colourful mascara should vanish. They neither suit people nor look good. Cold shoulders were seen in traditional dresses as well, making it more annoying. – Prakash Vora, student

I want to see our rivers clean. People should stop dumping waste and industrial effluents into the Mula-Mutha rivers which have literally turned into a toxic drainage. We should work towards cleaning the mess which has been created around these rivers and the PMC should plan a river front. – Pradnya Shinde, voiceover artiste

I hope for stricter enforcement of traffic rules by the authorities. And more importantly, I want to see puneites show more respect and patience to fellow commuters . - Jasmin Mehta, media professional


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