Friday, January 26, 2018

Pune's parking policy encourages public transport


PUNE: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has framed the parking policy for whole city and will forward it to the General Body for approval. While preparing the parking policy, PMC has kept the target to make it more costly to encourage a shift from the use of personal modes of travel, especially the 2-wheeler and cars, to public transport.

While presenting the draft budget on January 22, Pune municipal commissioner Kunal Kumar had said that the parking policy plan is almost in its last stage and will be presented before the general body soon. The PMC accepted the principle that abundant parking supply means rise of more private vehicles in the city and rising vehicle population should not lead to parking space crunch in future.

PMC parking policy document states that parking is an essential component of transport system. As per the document, a vehicle runs for one hour on an average and is parked for 23 hours in a day. It is also important to consider that a typical vehicle usually needs three different parking spaces - one at the owner’s residence, second at owner’s office or business place and third at recreational or entertainment facility.

The rising numbers of vehicles in Pune city are likely to lead to 4.5 lakh parking spaces every year and it is not manageable.The rising number of vehicles would soon make parking a public nuisance issue. By considering this, the PMC parking policy aims to change the mindset of provision of parking. “Creation of parking space and land required for that is extremely valuable and no resident has the right to its free use,” states the report.

PMC studied the parking charges in most of the metro cities in the country. The administration has also checked the charges at different locations. It mainly compared with Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai and found that the parking charges are less in Pune. Hence, the new policy could see a rise in rates for two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking on city roads.


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