Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pune RTO starts issuing smart, paper RCs


PUNE: The Pune regional transport office (RTO) has started issuing the smart cards from Monday. Earlier, the vehicle registration certificates (RCs) were available only in the paper form. Many people used to face problems with it because there was always the risk of it getting torn or destroyed. We were planning to issue RCs in the card format from mid-2017," deputy RTO Sanjay Raut said.

The official said people having RCs in the paper format could apply for smart cards online. "For private vehicles, the smart cards will be sent to the owner's respective addresses through the postal department. In case of commercial vehicles, the owners will have to collect them from the office," he said.

"The RTO is charging a fee of Rs 200 to convert the paper RCs into smart cards. One has to log on to the website, fill in the required details, pay the fee online and apply for the smart card. The whole application can be filled in and submitted online. If anybody faces problems, s/he can approach the RTO office and all help will be provided to the person," the official added.

Apart from the driving licence, a motorist always needs to carry the RC of the vehicle. "People buying new vehicles will get the RC in the form of the smart card automatically. We are sure that the smart card format will be helping people a lot and their hassles will be less. There might be some glitches in the beginning but all issues will be taken care of. About 400-500 smart card RCs were dispatched to the postal department for delivery on Monday," another official said.

Motorists welcomed the move. Rahul Pungalia, who owns a two-wheeler, said, "The RC in the paper form is risky. Once my bike was parked amid heavy rains and water seeped into the carrier. All papers, including the RC, were damaged. I had to go through a lot of hassles for getting a fresh RC from the RTO. The smart card format is good as one can easily keep it in the wallet just like the licence or an ATM card," the 35-year-old man said.


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