Wednesday, January 31, 2018

FITTER 2017 released in Pune in Insulin Injection Month

From L-R : Dr. Vandita Gupta, Dr. Unnikrishnan, 
Dr. Vedavati Purandare, Hiroaki Yoshihara 


PUNE: FITTER Insulin Injection Month was observed in Pune, with the release of new recommendations for insulin injection usage and to commemorate the 96th anniversary of first successful insulin administration in January 1921, at Toronto General Hospital, Canada.

Understanding the need to improve diabetes management and insulin therapy, Forum for Injection Technique & Therapy Expert Recommendations (FITTER) India recommendations 2017 were released in Pune with leading clinical expert in diabetes care from Chellaram Diabetes Institute –Dr. Unnikrishnan A.G., CEO & Chief Endocrinologist, Dr. Vedavati Purandare, MD Medicine, Consultant Physician, Hiroaki Yoshihara, Vice President, BD Medical-Diabetes Care and Dr. Vandita Gupta, Associate Director, BD Medical-Diabetes Care.

Commenting on the scenario of diabetes and insulin, Dr. Unnikrishnan A.G., CEO & Chief Endocrinologist, Chellaram Diabetes Institute, said “With only about 3 million people injecting insulin out of 69.2 million who live with diabetes, India has low rates of insulinisation and this is a road block in the optimal management of diabetes. Patients fear initiating insulin because of fear of needles and a sense of life-long dependence on insulin. Also, many clinicians hesitate to put their patients on insulin therapy as they apprehend losing their patient's confidence to this fear. However, awareness on correct insulin administration technique plays a critical role in therapy adoption, adherence and management of diabetes.”

Acknowledging the need for proper guidelines, Hiroaki Yoshihara, Vice President, BD Medical-Diabetes Care said” BD has dedicated itself towards advancing the world of health through innovative products and educational services that bring improved efficacy, comfort and convenience to diabetes drug therapy; and help improve patient compliance and enhance outcomes to manage diabetes. Insulin treatment is the most effective method for people living with diabetes, but inappropriate injection techniques can compromise the effectiveness of insulin therapy.”

Dr. Vedavati Purandare, MD Medicine, Consultant Physician, Chellaram Diabetes Institute, said, “While prescribing insulin therapy, physicians role is not restricted to deciding the dosage and timing of insulin but goes onto counselling the patients around selecting the correct site, deciding the right depth, selecting the right device and appropriate needle length. The key recommendations of FITTER are that the shortest needles are safe, effective and less painful and should be the first line of choice in all patient categories. FITTER recommendations also suggest that regular inspection of injection sites, preventing reuse of needle, correct site rotation, influence the success of insulin injection therapy.” 

Highlighting their role as a partner committed to diabetes care, Dr. Vandita Gupta, Associate Director, BD Medical-Diabetes Care said, “BD introduced the world's first specialised insulin syringe in 1924,and to this day we concentrate our expertise on research and development into insulin delivery that puts us at the forefront of injection technique and makes us trusted partners in diabetes care. By the launch of FITTER recommendations during Insulin Injection Month, we encourage talking about best practices such as using a new needle for every injection, always rotating injection sites and more.”


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