Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Taxi rides in Pune get simpler with RezurvRide

Seema Mangal, Director, RezurvRide 

PUNE: RezurvRide, a new cab aggregator service which safeguards the interests of customers while incentivising drivers, launched in the city today. The innovative app offers a vastly better alternative to existing players in the cab aggregator market by simplifying the process of booking rides and offering over 90 per cent of ride revenue to drivers.

Elaborating the service, Seema Mangal, Director, RezurvRide said, “The need for cab aggregators is growing exponentially in India, given the low car penetration and poor public infrastructure. Research indicates that the cab/taxi demand is scheduled to grow at a CAGR of 15 per cent till 2020. A recent Soft Bank study says the app based taxi sector will be worth Rs 45000 crore by 2020.”

Further adding Mangal said, “Based on this research and inspired by the market need for a fully functional cab aggregator that can effectively address the needs of both customers and drivers, we have decided to enter the market with a completely transparent product named RezurvRide that will take the Indian taxi market to the next level.”

Explaining her plan for business expansion, Mangal said, “RezurvRide has already conducted the soft launch and intends to target 8000 cab drivers in Pune by the end of 2018. 800 drivers have already registered for the RezurvRide service. RezurvRide aims to launch in 15 cities by the end of 2018, with 75,000 drivers on its roster. The long term vision is to launch in 51 cities with 141,000 drivers by 2022.” She further added that as part of its promotional strategy, RezurvRide will sponsor the Ajay – Atul concert in Pune on 4 November 2017.

Some of the cutting edge features offered by the service are as follows :

* Reservation of ride as per convenience with advance Cab Booking feature both for local and outstation 
* Option to mark “Favourite Drivers” based on are
* Option to ride with favourite drivers are
* Selection of drivers based on their rating which takes into account cleanliness,etiquette and
timeliness of the driversare
* Option for tracking the ride by third parties through GPS for additional securityare
* Outstation rides charged on distance covered and not fixed slabsare
* QR code enabled to start and stop rides, thus restricting misuse by driversare
* No surge pricingare
* A Driver’s First approach, which entails incentivising drivers through higher revenue share, unlike other aggregator services.


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