Sunday, November 26, 2017

A lift from strangers costs executive Rs 42,000


PUNE: When 38-year-old Amitkumar Tejbirsingh Tyagi flagged down a car for a lift to Mumbai, he expected a free ride back home. Unfortunately, just like lunches, there are hardly ever any free rides. Tyagi, a resident of Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, ended up paying for the ride with his laptop, smartphone and Rs 22,200, most of which he was forced to withdraw from an ATM after being threatened with a knife. Overall, he was robbed of valuables and cash amounting to Rs 42,000.

The incident took place between Pune Railway Station and JSPM College Road at Tathawade between 1 am and 2.30am on Friday. Tyagi, who is the assistant manager in a private electrical firm in Mumbai, only managed to escape the clutches of the robbers when they stopped the car for the second time and asked him to get more cash from an ATM in Tathawade.

The incident came to light after Tyagi alerted the city police control room. To make the call he had to borrow a cellphone from an ATM guard. Tyagi lodged an FIR with the Wakad police, but since he had boarded the car from near the Pune railway station, the case was transferred to the Bund Garden police.

In his complaint, Tyagi said that two of the three suspects threatened him with a knife and robbed him of Rs 2,200. One of them took Tyagi to an ATM and asked him to withdraw Rs 20,000 and forced him to reveal the PIN. They also took his phone, laptop, PAN card, identity card, Axis Bank card, Aadhaar card and a copy of his driving licence. He was forced to sit in a car again, which then drove on the Pune-Bengaluru Highway and stopped at another ATM in Tathawade. Tyagi was asked to withdraw more cash, but he ran towards the ATM guard. The suspects then sped away.

Shridhar Jadhav, the senior inspector of Wakad police, said, "After dropping his sister and relatives at Lohegaon airport on November 23, Tyagi took a cab to the Pune station. There, he took a lift in a white car that was purportedly going to Mumbai."

"Tyagi has described the three suspects who talked in Hindi and Marathi. He was able to note a part of the vehicle registration number," Bund Garden police assistant inspector Satish Pawar said. "We are checking CCTV footage and working on clues," he added. Tyagi's complaint was registered under Sections 392 (robbery) and 34 (common intention) of IPC. The Pune crime branch is conducting a parallel probe.

GST will continue to haunt, says senior lawyer


PUNE: The implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) will continue to haunt to the economy and cripple the small and medium enterprises (SME) feels Arvind Datar, senior advocate of the Madras high court.

Addressing a public meeting on GST, taxation laws, ease of doing business and the state of the economy, Datar said there was a consistent attempt to silence any criticism on the GST. "I have been opposing the GST from the beginning. I was called to speak at a seminar on GST in Mumbai. The organizers had asked me give them the synopsis of my talk a day before the event. When I said I am going to speak about how GST is not suitable for India, they forbade me to go. There was an agenda to push GST," the corporate and tax lawyer added.

He said, "What we have now is 'some kind of a hybrid tax structure'." "If you look at the GST structure, the taxation on petrol and alcohol is retained by the state. So 70% of the revenue is not touched in any case," he said. He added this is the first time that there is overlapping of taxes between the centre and the state.

Datar also said there are bound to be errors in a complicated exercise like matching of invoices. "Nobody in the world matches invoices. I had advised first start matching invoices for companies above Rs 500 crore. They have the bandwidth and the manpower, if at all you want to do it," he said, adding, "The bottom 90% of the units that pay 10% of taxes could have been taxed a flat 10%. It could have avoided a lot of confusion."

He further said the eway bill is a shocker as the law provides for a limited time for the bill's validity and on lapsing of the bill, it needs to be generated afresh. "I don't know who makes these laws. My friend is now moving the Hyderabad high court (regarding this) on Monday," the lawyer added. He said, "The GST has imposed avoidable costs on the export sector and by not issuing refunds yet, this has become the worst time for the export sector."

U Hostels to come up in Pune too


PUNE/ NEW DELHI: U Hostels, an alternative and personalised accommodations provider, has plans to invest up to Rs 300 crore for setting up 10-12 premium hostels for working class in all metro cities of the country including Pune over the next two-three years.

"We plan to invest up to Rs 300 crore to set up 10-12 premium hostels in metro cities in India. These hostels would be premium properties with 3 or 4 star facilities for working communities. This segment is currently untouched in India at present for working class people wanting stay long term in a city, there are very limited options," U Hostels Managing Director Sudhir Sinha told .

U Hostels, a joint initiative of hotelier Sinha and Franchise India's Gaurav Marya, is looking at setting up 50-80 hostels, with about 100 rooms reach, in the next seven years. These hostels will come up in metro cities such as Pune, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.

"Our first two properties would come up in Gurugram and Pune in the next six-eight months. We have invested about 80- 100 crore investment for these two properties," he said. When asked if the company will raise funds to expand its business, Sinha said: "We would be looking at raising funds down the line, but currently it is self funded. After our first two properties become operational, we will get valuations done and raise funds."

The company has tied up with brand such as Gym 99, UClean, Entrepreneur USA for services to be provided to the guests.

Friday, November 24, 2017

‘धिंगाणा’ चित्रपटाचा धमाकेदार म्युझिक लाँच

हिंदी मराठीतील कलाकारांनी मिळून घातलेलाधिंगाणा येत्या  डिसेंबरपासून मनोरंजनाची सफर घडवायला सज्ज झाला आहे. धमाल कथानककलाकारांची भन्नाट अदाकारीठेका धरायला लावणारं संगीत असा करमणुकीचा भरगच्च मसाला असणाऱ्या धिंगाणा’ या मराठी सिनेमाचा धमाकेदार ट्रेलर म्युझिक लाँच सोहळा नुकताच मान्यवरांच्या उपस्थितीत संपन्न झाला. ममता प्रोडक्शन हाऊसची प्रस्तुती असलेल्या या सिनेमाचे निर्माते समीर सदानंद पाटील असून दिग्दर्शन चंद्रकांत दुधगावकर यांचे आहे.

ठेका धरायला लावणारी ही गाणी प्रेक्षक नक्कीच एन्जॉय करतील असं सांगत हा धिंगाणा’ प्रेक्षकांचं पुरेपूर मनोरंजन करेल असा विश्वास निर्मात्यांनी याप्रसंगी व्यक्त केला. तसेच मराठी सिनेमात काम करताना मजा आल्याची भावना शाहबाझ खान कुनिका यांनी बोलून दाखवली. आनंद शिंदे यांनी या चित्रपटातधिंगाणाहे चित्रपटाचे शीर्षक गीत गायले असून या गीताची निर्मिती सचिन पाठक (यो) यांच्या लेखणीतून झालेली आहे. या गीताला अमितराज यांनी संगीतबद्ध केलेले आहे. शिंदेशाही घराण्यातील कर्तबगार सुपुत्र आदर्श शिंदे यांनी या चित्रपटातीलझिंगालालाहे गीत गायले असून या गीताची रचना वैभव जोशी या सुप्रसिद्ध कवीने केली आहे. तसेच या चित्रपटातील वेगळ्या धाटणीचे युवा वर्गाला भावणारेबिल्ली हुँ मै’! हे हिंदी, मराठी, आणि इंग्रजी अशा तीनही भाषांतील गीत जय अत्रे यांच्या लेखणीतून साकारले आहे. राज्ञी त्यागराज या नवोदित गायिकेला शशांक पोवार या संगीतकाराने प्रथमत: सिनेमात गाण्याची संधी दिली असून राज्ञी त्यागराज हिने या संधीचे सोने केले आहे. आणि प्रेक्षकांना तिच्या आवाजाची संगीत रचनेची भुरळ पडल्याशिवाय राहणार नाही.

धिंगाणाचं दिग्दर्शन करणाऱ्या चंद्रकांत दुधगावकर यांनी या सिनेमातून चीट फंड घोटाळ्याचा विषय हाताळला आहे. हेमंत एदलाबादकर यांनी या सिनेमाचे लेखन केले आहे. प्रियदर्शन जाधव, प्राजक्ता हनमघर, अंशुमन विचारे, स्वप्नील राजशेखर, प्रकाश धोत्रे या मराठी कलाकारांसोबत रझा मुराद, शाहबाझ खान, अवतार गिल, कुनिका हे हिंदीतले कलाकार ही या सिनेमात मुख्य भूमिकेत दिसणार आहेत. आय. गिरीधरन यांनी छायांकन केलं असूनफैझल महाडीक यांनी संकलन केलं आहे. सुजीत कुमार यांनी या सिनेमातील गाण्यांची कोरिओग्राफी केली आहे. संदिप इनामके यांनी कलादिग्दर्शन केलं आहेतर संजय कांबळे प्रोडक्शन डिझाइनर आहेत. मुंबईपुणेपिंपरी-चिंचवड आणि कोल्हापूरमधील विविध लोकेशन्सवर चित्रीत झालेला धिंगाणा  डिसेंबरला संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्रात प्रदर्शित होणार आहे.

Police denies permission to host Sunburn in Wagholi


PUNE: The Airport police denied permission for 'Sunburn', the popular musical concert, saying that the organisers will use high powered light beams banned near the Lohegaon airport. The venue is 1km away from the airport.

The organisers had applied for permission on November 30 to host the festival from December 28 to 31 at Mahalaxmi Lawns, off the Ahmednagar highway near Wagholi cctroi post. Police inspector Vilas Sonde of the Airport police issued a letter to the organisers stating that permission to the event cannot be granted. A copy has also been sent to the higher-ups, including Pune police commissioner Rashmi Shukla.

A team of policemen visited the spot where close to 50,000 to 60,000 people are expected to attend the programme. In the past, many social organizations and political parties have opposed it stating that it was encouraging consumption of contraband.

Sonde said the programmes are generally organized in the evening and at night. Mahalaxmi Lawns is close to Lohegaon airport, which is a strategic airfield of the Indian Air Force. The Pune police have already banned any use of high powered light beams in the area since it a hindrance to the civilian and IAF aircraft. Since the event will attract thousands of people and vehicles, it will affect traffic on the roads, Sonde said.

The festival was earlier held in Goa but it is also hosted in Pune. Last year, it was held on a hill in Kesnand, off the Pune-Ahmednagar highway. It is known for its eye-catching production, with the staging, lighting, visuals and pyrotechnics.

PMPML chief Mundhe's exit fumes corporators


PUNE: The special general body meeting at Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in an effort to organize affairs at the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML), ended rather abruptly after chairman and managing director of the public transport body Tukaram Mundhe decided to walk out halfway through the parley.

The meeting was organized to review the functioning of PMPML as a public transport body. Elected members raised slogans against Mundhe terming his exit as "unruly and arrogant behaviour." They also demanded that action be taken against him.

The meeting started at 11am at PMC's general body hall. Mundhe was present for the meeting. The elected members raised various issues regarding the public transport system. They objected to PMPML's style of functioning. The PMPML chief spoke in favour of the action taken by his office claiming that they are trying to provide a commuter-centric public bus service. Even as the elected representatives were sharing their views, Mundhe left the hall after informing municipal commissioner Kunal Kumar.

When the members sought to know where Mundhe was, deputy mayor Sidhartha Dhende could not provide a reply. The corporators objected and argued that the PMPML chief should have informed Dhende, who was chairing the meeting. BJP leaders and deputy mayor tried to pacify the agitated corporators, who had come into the well of the house. However, they did not budge.

"Action should be taken against Mundhe. He has insulted the general body of the PMC," said Chetan Tupe, leader of the opposition in PMC. "PMPML is a company under the aegis of PMC and PCMC. He has not adhered to the discipline of the general body. He should be punished as per the Companies Act," said Arvind Shinde, leader of the Congress party in PMC.”

Philips India launches Dream Mapper for patients


PUNE: With 93% of the population in India sleep-deprived, and only 2% of Indians discussing their sleep issues with physicians, Philips India renewed its commitment to increasing awareness on common sleep disorders with the launch of its connected care solution.

India is suspected to have around 50 million sleep apnea patients and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are further adding to the disease burden. Philips India is educating people about symptoms like loud snoring, chronic daytime sleepiness and severe morning headache which impact productivity and overall quality of life. Not only does this affect general well-being but if left untreated it can also lead to graver health issues. But Sleep Apnea can be treated with CPAP therapy.

Philips India has introduced various effective sleep therapy solutions under its Dream Family portfolio. In addition to the dream station device and mask, the new Dream Mapper app enables patients to track vital information and get a daily report on the number of hours of sleep on therapy each night, mask fit, periods of apnea etc, all at the click of a button.

Harish R, Head of Sleep & Respiratory Care at Philips says, “Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that can lead to increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and more. It has been observed that more than 53% Sleep Apnea suspects are already suffering from either Diabetes or High BP. In such a scenario, there is a critical need for effective treatment and management of Sleep Apnea to enable people to live healthy lives.”

Dr. Nitin Abhyankar, Consultant Chest Physician at Poona Hospital and Research Centre said, “While the cases of sleep apnea are increasing in Pune, the awareness about the diseases is still low amongst patients and care givers. Patients who have co morbid conditions like diabetes and hypertension and frequently see specialists for the same, visit a consultant for sleep only when the condition becomes severe.

“Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is usually predominant in the 40+ age group, however of late several younger people, especially IT employees are also presenting OSA - largely due to their sedentary lifestyle. I would encourage for expanded mindfulness and timely analysis of sleep issues which would enable patients to lead a better quality of life.” added Dr. Abhyankar

Philips India has already established over 500 sleep labs in association with leading sleep specialists across the country with 22 sleep labs in Pune which adds on to Philips’ long-standing commitment to drive awareness around OSA and other sleep disorders. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

​Samvad Social Technologies launches Food Dosti app


PUNE: After successfully completing one year in Pune, Samvad Social Technologies have launched Food Dosti app version 2.0 here. Recognized as India’s first zero food wastage platform, the application encourages patrons to opt for a cleaner plate after every meal, and also makes sure the surplus food put to good use - by sharing them with the needy.

On this occasion, Sanjeev Neve, Founder & Executive Director, Samvad Social Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Said, “Samvad Social Technologies is committed to build SUSA (socially useful social applications. Food Dosti is first of them however, we have a vision to build many more such platforms in near future. Food Dosti connects a restaurant to its customers and on the other hand to non-profits to minimize food wastage which proves to be beneficial to all the parties involved in the application.

Pune's Deputy Mayor, Dr. Siddharth Dhende announced, “We extend our full support to the cause. Also, we will be more than happy to give some incentives and concessions to the restaurants who partner for such causes.” Nilesh Limaye, Indian Celebrity Chef who was also present at the event shared his thoughts on zero food wastage.

The 150 restaurants that have joined hands with Food Dosti, claim that associating with the smart phone application has benefitted them, not only in terms of sales, but also in ways of contributing to the society.

Godrej to invest Rs. 200 cr in its Shirwal plant


PUNE (Mumbai): Godrej Appliances, one of the largest players in the home appliances segment is investing Rs. 200 crore in the expansion of its production capacity at its Shirwal manufacturing plant near Pune.

This latest announcement takes the tally of Godrej Appliances’ investment in capacity expansion to Rs. 400 crores. Last year, Godrej Appliances began work at its Mohali plant, with an investment of Rs. 200 crores.

To be operational by the end of 2019, the new factory shed will sprawl over an area of 1.6 lakh sq. feet and augment production capacity of its premium products including approximately 3 lakh high end frost free refrigerators, 3 lakh fully automatic washing machines. 1 lakh power efficient chest freezers and half-a-lakh medical refrigerators with patented Surechill technology.

This will take Godrej Appliances’ total production capacity, both at its Shirwal and Mohali plant, to approximately 46 lakhunits annually. This will generate additional employment for 400 people.

The latest investment is a strategic manoeuvre towards re-invention of the brand by shifting its focus from being a mass appeal brand towards premiumization. With this expansion, Godrej Appliances will be the first in India to manufacture high-end refrigerators in India. Dedicated assembly lines will be laid out for various categories as well as a technologically advanced ‘multi-category’ manufacturing line which could be used to manufacture different product categories on the same line.

Kamal Nandi, Business Head & EVP, Godrej Appliances said, “Our growth rate for the past few years has been double of that of the industry rate and we will strive to continue on that trajectory. Through this expansion, we aim to take brand Godrej to even greater heights while showcasing the strength of Indian design and manufacturing expertise at its best. With construction expected to commence by the end of the month, the proposed expansion once complete will allow us to meet the increasing demand of premium products from Indian customers and expand our footprint to an even 
larger area.”  

Today, manufacturing is one of the core strengths of Godrej Appliances, which not only helps in driving profitability but also helps in building its brand image. Both the manufacturing units - in Shirwal as well as Mohali are considered benchmarks in their respective regions and are Platinum Green Co. rated by CII. The new structures will be designed and constructed to qualify for the IGBC Platinum rating.

Cycle share plan bounces back agian


PUNE: The 'public bicycle share' scheme, which will promote the use of cycles in the city, got a green signal from the standing committee on Tuesday. Steps will also be taken to repair the existing cycle tracks and build new ones. The new tracks will be included in the integrated bicycle plan of the city.

"The civic body has been taking efforts to promote an environment friendly public transport system. The proposal approved on Tuesday is a step in that direction," Murlidhar Mohol, chairman of the standing committee, said.

According to the PMC's proposal, "Pune can be a city where people find cycling, using public transport and walking convenient, comfortable, safe and attractive. The bicycle plan is part of the efforts by the PMC to transform transportation in the city."

The project is supported by the ministry of urban development. The PMC's traffic department is overseeing the preparation of the plan. Civic officials said studies of the traffic situation for cyclists and cycle tracks have been done. The civic administration has conducted a survey of over 10,000 people for travel patterns, views about cycling and willingness to shift to cycles from bikes or cars. Consultations at all ward offices, with cyclists, cycle shops, schools, colleges and corporate groups have been carried out.

The civic administration had kept around Rs 40 crore for the cycle plan. PMC has recently diverted Rs 10 crore from the Pune's bicycle plan. The standing committee has diverted these funds for other purposes.

Motherhood Hospitals to foray into Pune, Mumbai


PUNE: Promising state-of-the-art facility in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), Motherhood Hospitals, a leading network of women and children's hospitals, today said it would launch its fifth facility in Bengaluru early next year.

Motherhood Hospitals chief executive officer Vijayarathna V said the group's multiple new hospitals are under execution across the country. "We will be launching the fifth centre in South Bengaluru by the beginning of 2018. The chain of hospitals will foray its presence in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Chennai by end of the financial year," Vijayarathna told reporters here.  The company was funded by leading private equity fund TPG Growth in 2016.

The need for investing in the NICU was felt in the wake of high neonatal mortality rate in India. It has invested Rs 15 crore for the expansion of NICU. The company has turned its ambulance into ICU onwheels to ferry patients from places as far as Ballari, Raichur, Chitradurga in Karnataka, Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh and regions from neighbouring Tamil Nadu also to its Bengaluru facilities.

Vishal Bali, the executive chairman of Asia Healthcare Holdings and senior advisor - TPG Growth, said "Motherhood Hospitals have transformed to provide high-end obstetrics and gynaecology services." "The addition of Neonatology and Reproductive Medicine enables each hospital to provide comprehensive clinical services to women and children," he added.

Industrial safety summit begins in Pune


PUNE: The first edition of Industrial Safety Summit with an aim to make factories accident free kicked off in Pune today. The summit, organised in collaboration with the Federation of Chakan Industries, SAMA and Schmersal India Pvt in Pimpri near Pune, seeks to deliberate on and create solutions for all-round safety of the stakeholders, an official statement said. 

The objective of this exercise is to emphasise the importance of safety of industrial workers and have zero accident in factories. This one-day summit covers topics like behavioural and machine safety, material handling and PNG safety. There is a need to focus on secondary steel sector producing steel through electric arc furnace route as it contributes to over 65 per cent of the total finished long steel products output, All India Induction Furnaces Association (AIIFA) today said. 

"We all know the government has set an ambitious target of producing 300 Million Tonnes of steel and this industry can play a vital role in achieving this," AIIFA General Secretary Kamal Agarwal said. The industry which produces steel through the cost- effective electrical arc furnace route has always played an important link in the overall supply chain of steel in India, he said and added the sector needs focus of the government. 

While the existing integrated steel plants have gone for major modernisation-cum-expansion to increase the production of crude steel, "the secondary steel sector consisting of electric arc furnace (EAF) and induction furnace (IF) have remained either stagnant or on the down trend," an industry member said. Power Mech Projects today said the company has bagged eight orders worth Rs 381 crore for infrastructure development. 

"The company has received Letter of Award, Letter of Intent/Work orders worth Rs 381 crore," Power Mech Projects said in a BSE filing.