Saturday, October 14, 2017

Raote calls RTO bribes as 'tips for work overload'


PUNE: State transport minister Diwakar Raote sought to equate the bribes that some officers take for facilitating faster procurement of driving licences to "tips for work overload". He said people pay the agents because they do not have time and the officers get a bad name.

Raote was in the city to inaugurate a workshop on future technology and regulation for automobiles organised by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) in association with the state transport department. He said there is no connection between the regional transport office and agents.

"Do we ask people to go to the agents?" he said. In the same vein, the minister added that out of so many years of their lives, they have to visit the RTO only for four hours to get their work done. The minister, however, told people to put up with it and understand the government's functioning.

"You have to come to me for four hours in your entire life. Go to my officers. Try and understand the form and fill it. For paying money, you may have to keep going from one window to the other but that is when you will understand the government," the minister added.

In a presentation, a senior industry expert said while the world over fatalities have reduced, in India, it is increasing. The credit for lower fatalities in advanced countries despite higher vehicles growth, he said, went to the stringent norms for issuance of licences.

The Shiv Sena minister also took a dig at "central officials," for allowing electric vehicles to run on roads without authorization from the RTO. "The arrogance of the central officers has caused insult to the RTOs. All public vehicles should only be authorized by the RTO because public safety is a domain of the RTO," Raote said.


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