Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fragmented communication mars Pune Start-ups


PUNE: Bangalore-based Exotel, the cloud telephony platform company, recently set-up its operations in Pune. Its founder Shivakumar Ganesan speaks on the motive behind the move and also what start-ups can do to improve their communication.

Shivakumar Ganesan elaborates company’s expansion plans and said - Pune is a promising city with many new age companies and start-ups emerging from the city and established start-ups extending their services. It is a place where a lot of technology enabled companies and start-ups are operating and we received a lot of demand from the city. Exotel aims to be the forerunners when it comes to Pune and take lead. We have had customers from Pune for a long time now. Some of star customers including Agrostar work out of Pune. The only difference with our expansion to Pune officially is that our customers can now use local Exophone numbers (virtual numbers). We also offer similar set up in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, and Tamil Nadu. Our physical office is based out of Bangalore.

Asking what is lacking in the communication space among start-ups in the city, Ganesan said - In the current scenario, customer communication is largely fragmented despite the advances in communications technology. There is no single platform that gives businesses insights into how their communication is working and what needs improvement. Unified communication (the process of integrating all communication into a single platform) will help start-ups greatly by improving their efficiency and productivity, and bringing operational clarity. This factor is something that is largely missing with startups in India. Implementing a unified communications solution can change all this and add great value to any organization.

Explaining Exotel’s solution on this, he said - Exotel is a cloud telephony platform. We offer APIs that help companies manage their customer communication over calls & SMS. In addition to automations and integrations with your existing systems like your CRM, Helpdesk you can have professional IVR greetings, route calls according call logic that you can dictate, receive notifications for missed calls, which ultimately makes it the most efficient way to manage your business calls.

He further added that as a B2B tech platform, Exotel has been a behind the scenes ecosystem enabler, with a clientele of over 1,000 businesses in India including brands like: Uber, Flipkart, Ola, Quikr, and Practo, among others. Cloud telephony is emerging as a major enabler of new business trends for both established businesses and start-ups. It can be regarded as a sort of magic solution that intersects service and scale.

Talking about the expansion plans, Ganesan said, “We are a profitable company in spite of having raised a seed round a few years ago. So, fund raising is not a priority right now. Our business target is to work with growing sectors in which communication plays an important role such third party logistics, ecommerce, cab aggregators, BFSI sectors etc. We are also going really strong in enabling communications for more and more businesses in South East Asia markets.”

Asking how many client's communication has Exotel powered since inception, he said, Exotel facilitates 4 million calls a day now, which is 3 times the number of calls the company did in the first year. We have touched the lives of 85 million people in India. If you have ever order food online, bought something off an ecommerce website, hailed a cab, it is safe to say that you have used Exotel.


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