Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Giripremi scale peak of humanity; to educate Sherpas children

PUNE: Fighting with all odds of nature, shivering cold, high altitudes, changing climate, Sherpas of Himalaya becomes fighter all the time. They save lives of mountaineers and become back-bone of every Himalayan Expedition. But when they have to lose their lives in extreme avalanches, mountaineering accidents, Sherpas could not assure their children better future, better life opportunities. Considering this, Giripremi-Guardian Institute of Mountaineering of Pune come to their rescue and started to adopt deceased Sherpa’s children for their education.

Elaborating this project Umesh Zirpe, Director of Guardian-Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering, said, “As a mountaineer, we knew the significance of Sherpas in Himalayan Expeditions. They help us in every aspect. We don’t treat them as a porter but we respect them for their honesty, for their company till we achieve our goal. In reality, Sherpas are the real heros.”

Adding further, Zirpe said, “We have also witnessed the perils of their children when Sherpas are not there in this world to take care of their children. Over 500 years of living in high-altitude areas, Sherpas have accumulated a special natural ability to climb high altitudes and sense the weather. Especially in the Himalayas, they are irreplaceable. Without them we cant undertake a single expedition. Now, Its our duty to take care of their children after them.”

Under this initiative, Guardian-Giripremi Mountaineering Institute in cooperation with Assem Foundation of Pune, adopt children of Sherpas who have deceased during mountaineering expeditions and provide them education, accommodation. Going beyond the boundaries of nations, we will adopt children mostly from Nepal.

Giving details, Sachin Gadgil and Sarang Gosavi of Assem Foundation, said, “In 2015, at least 15 Sherpas become victim of nature’s wrath i.e. avalanche. We witnessed their problems at that time and decided to support this unique initiative. This year we have adopted two 16-year-old girls from Solu khumbu area of Nepal for this initiative. They have continued their education also. We are going to provide them food, accommodation, educational books and stationery and everything they needed during their education.”

“We will adopt 5 children in 2018 and educate them here in Pune,” said Umesh Zirpe, adding, “As this is the first year of this initiative, we will find local guardians for these children in future and will assure them best education. This initiative would be the real homage to those Sherpas who have devoted their lives for mountaineering expedition,” said Umesh Zirpe.


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