Thursday, June 1, 2017

Royal Heritage Group announces ‘Mrs. Bharat Icon’


PUNE: Royal Heritage Group announced the audition for the ‘Mrs. Bharat Icon.’ The auditions for the same will be held in different cities & the finale shall take place in Mumbai.

Giving details of the event, Sheetal Arpal, Pune head of this contest, said, “Pune Auditions will be held under her guidance, by professionals.”

Elaborating the event details, Akhil Bansal, Chairman of Royal Heritage Group, said, “Mrs. Bharat Icon is open to any Indian / NRI married, Widow, Seperated woman under the age of 55 who is attractive and has maintained herself well. She’s the wife, the mother and the multi-talented achiever. ‘A Woman of Substance’ who maintains that perfect balance between her home, her family and a career if she is allowed to keep one. She walks a trapeze all her life balancing all her responsibilities equally with love and dedication.”

Most married women are multi-talented because they need to be multi-tasking wives and mothers. Most married women today have to juggle careers along with their family and home. Stay-at-home moms also have a household of demands and responsibilities to balance on a daily basis and are just as responsible & versatile.

Women today are Bankers, Journalists, Police Women, Executives, Pilots, Social & Homemaker in the work field and are managing roles that have demanding deadlines, whether it is at home with their families or at work. Mrs. Bharat Icon has thus created a unique opportunity for married women.

The Mrs. Bharat Icon Contest shows that ‘Life Begins After Marriage’ and that a married woman is not just a domestic goddess and stay-at-home wife and Mom but she is also doing the hardest job in the world.

The Mrs. Bharat Icon Pageant is a pageant in which the support of the husband has always been very important. Men and Women today are equally health-and-fitness conscious. Men want their wives to look smart and elegant, after all, she is the reflection and extension of his success and his world.
So if you’re a married woman looking for a bit of glamour, Mrs. Bharat Icon is what you should apply for today. Mrs. Bharat icon shall be judged by well Known celebrities in India.

Pune Auditions Will be held on 4th June at Bote Street, Seasons Mall Pune by 12 pm to 4 pm. 


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